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We Reveal 5 Differences Between A Soulmate And A Life Partner

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Psychic Corrina

Life partner or soulmate?

Isn’t your life partner also your soulmate?

That’s what I found myself thinking when I first saw the topic of this article.

As I pondered the question and called an emergency meeting with my intuition, I saw that yes, your life partner is your main soulmate, your closest and ultimate soulmate.  

But on the way to this life partner, there may be a road filled with other soulmates, yes you can have more than one soulmate in this lifetime.  

There are are soulmates we meet whom there’s an important lesson to learn or a significant assignment to fulfill.  For the purposes of this article, we’ll call the ultimate soulmate your life partner, and these other significant but temporary relationships on the way your soulmates.

A very big difference between your Life Partner and other Soulmates is this 

Only your life partner is good enough for you. This may sound a bit harsh, but we are not judging his or her inherent worth as a person, only whether they qualify to be your perfect fit.  

You may have a very strong powerful and passionate connection with other soulmates, but you will not find that easy compatibility and harmony for a shared life which will definitely be there with a life partner.

Your Life partner was in a very real sense made for you, to be the other wing so that you could fly through life together sharing a common purpose and supporting each other.

Your soulmates support your growth and preparation as you make the journey towards your life partner. Sometimes we try to make a soulmate fit, but we find that like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters, no matter how hard we try to force it, the shoe (the soulmate) flies across the room (or town or country).

Crazy Love vs Peaceful Passion  

Surely passion is the main ingredient in both temporary soulmate relationships as well as the one you have with your life partner. The main difference is in the pattern this passion takes. The two kinds of relationships may both start with a lot of magic and fire.  

However, in the soulmate relationships, often the ego rears its ugly head, creating dramatic scenarios and issues which then turn the relationship into one with turmoil and chaos, a roller coaster ride of fighting and making up perhaps, or obsession.

In contrast, the relationship with your right life partner will have a subtext of harmony and peace, which creates a stable foundation for passion for growing and continue to color your days as you grow together over the years.

The degree of care you give your relationship with your life partner affects the sustenance of this passion but that’s a separate issue. The main point is both relationships begin on a passionate note, but with a soulmate, the passion either dies out or goes into crazy-vill over time.

Identical Vs Matched Opposite

Many times with soulmates, you will have very strong similarities. You may even feel you are identical, you may even think “she is the female version of me”.  The problem comes when your similarities clash, you may both be weak in certain areas, or you may both have the same need from each other and find yourselves frustrated.

The very same similarities that draw you together can also cause tension over time.

With your life partner, you will find that you are “matched opposites”. This means in certain areas you are similar but in very important key areas you are opposites and this opposite quality makes you complement one another in love and in life. You do not share the same weaknesses but rather where you are weak, he/she is strong.

An example of this may be that you are emotional and sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat, where as he is strong and sturdy and can be your rock in difficult times.

Fizzle vs Flourish 

 A good test of whether you are with a soulmate or a life partner is what I call the fizzle test.

With a soulmate, ultimately the love fizzles.

You may be obsessed, attached, or even caring but you do not fall deeper in love over time, nor does the love grow like a fine wine over the months or years, but rather, there’s a feeling that the connection has stopped deepening and instead has faded.

In contrast, with a life partner, the connection grows to new depths and enters new realms, and over time you may feel that there’s no “ceiling” to this love, as it expands and takes you to new levels of love.

Struggle vs Ease 

While there are always exceptions to every rule, the majority of destined life partners find that their relationship has an ease to it. In contrast, temporary soulmates find struggle, if not at first then eventually, particularly as they try to make the relationship last beyond its due course.

Soulmate relationships have a cycle, and as the growth cycle comes to completion, there may be a sense of panic and trying to make the relationship stick. However, with a life partner, there’s no struggle to make the relationship happen or work or stick because all of these things happen naturally and organically.

If you have ever had the experience of doing something in the zone or in the flow, be it a sport you love or playing a musical instrument, it is a gratifying experience full of grace and marked by ease.

This is how things should feel most of the time with a life partner, and they will. However, with a soulmate, that kind of ease may be there at first or on and off but soulmate relationships tend to include a greater degree of pain and struggle, as they are the relationships that clean the junk out of us to prepare us for our life partners.

One last word on Soulmates versus life partners: Not all marriages are with destined life partners, sometimes in the inexperience of youth, a person may marry a temporary soulmate then find themselves separating painfully or indifferently when things don’t sustain the distance.

If you find yourself in this situation, get your hopes up, as the very existence of your soulmate relationship implies that you are in preparation for true love with your destined life partner, who will fit you like a glove, and dance with you through the rest of your life’s journey.

If you have questions regarding your soulmate relationship. or life partner, or when you might meet your soulmate, perhaps if you are questioning whether your in a soulmate relationship, contact one of our soulmate relationship psychics, who can give you guidance and clarity around your soulmate relationship through a love psychic reading or a soulmate psychic reading at Zenory.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.   Have you met your life partner or your soulmate?  How did you meet and what are some tips you could give for someone who might be going through this that I haven’t mentioned above.