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A Psychic Reading With A Soulmate Love Psychic

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Psychic Safina

soulmate guidance for seperation

In the fall of 1999, my brother was living with me and nagging me on a daily basis to start dating again. He would say, “Sis, it’s about time that you got back out there again!” He suggested that I put an ad in the personals to find a man because everyone was doing it, and it was free.

He planted a seed in my mind, and after several months of careful thought, I did indeed place an ad in the personals that November. Immediately afterward, I felt like an idiot! My mother and I composed the ad together, calling for a twenty-four-karat gentleman, not in terms of money, but rather in terms of morals and good family upbringing.

I felt that since times were changing, this endeavor was worth the attempt even though it was not something I was especially comfortable with. I had a lot of calls from men whom I would meet at the nearby pancake restaurant for coffee. I felt really uncomfortable doing this and met some nice guys, but also some strange ones as well.

Finally, one night I met a Libra man, the first one that I genuinely liked, and he told me that he never did these types of things and had, in fact, carried the personal classified ad in the back of his truck for three weeks before daring to give a call. From the time that we met at the restaurant, we were together all the time, and he proposed to me during Valentine’s week in the year 2000.

When I first met him, he was so comfortable to be around that I felt like I already knew him. He was a beautiful person with amazing green eyes that pulled me inward. He was brilliant, and he told me that when he was in college, his professor would call him up to the front of the class to assist with the explanation of concepts and teaching the class when the professor was unable to break through to the students.

His brilliance never made others uncomfortable. In fact, everyone loved him, including my parents, and he got along well with them. We were together for a short time, about four years, until he was forced to join the witness protection program in order to protect his life.

I think that was the worst time in my life, and I got sick because of all the stress. One minute I was planning my wedding date, and the next minute he was gone with no way of knowing whether our paths would ever cross again. It happened with sickening rapidity and in fact, I never got over it.  After he left, we were able to see each other and converse a few times, but the year 2007 brought an end to all communication, and I never heard from him again.  I recall that all communication stopped right after his mother passed. He was never the same after this because he loved his mother so much and blamed himself for the poor care she received in his absence.

His mother told him that she sensed her impending death, and implored him to fly her to Michigan to be buried next to her husband. His mother’s last words to him directed him to  “Never stop living!”

When my fiancé was young, his father was told by a fortune teller that he was going to struggle with something connected to his past life and that there was karma that was going to stay with him over his lifetime. I really never thought much about that until it all happened.

How To Talk To Your Soulmate During The Break, Or If You Should Even Be Communicating At All…

I went into meditation and prayer to talk to my soulmate and asked the angels to help me. We all have a connection with our guardian angel because your guardian angel is assigned to you from the day of your birth and stays with you until the day of your death, through thick and thin because guardian angels are your protectors and teachers!

I also learned that when you ask your guardian angel for help, your guardian angel is going to help you find the answer. You may not hear your guardian angel speaking to you, but your guardian angel will send a message to you because they are spiritual messengers that help you solve your heartfelt confusion. I asked my guardian angel if I would ever see my soulmate again, and my question was answered through the vision I had!  After he left my life, I had a vision while I was awake, featuring a cartoon reptile the size of a dinosaur. But this reptile, instead of seeming dangerous, had very sad eyes, showing a sorrow that penetrated to the very soul.

I feel the reason I was shown this cartoon dinosaur was to tell me that my fiancé was going to become extinct just as the dinosaurs did and that I was never going to see him again. I feel the reason my guardian angel showed me a cartoon dinosaur was so that I would not freak out! I also felt this vision was telling me that we had a past life together as well because the dinosaur refers to the past.

It took me a long time to interpret this vision, but three weeks before his mother passed, I had another vision in which I saw the same cartoon dinosaur, but it was tiny like his mother.  In the vision, the tiny cartoon dinosaur came out of the ground, like a seed that was sprouting. The tiny dinosaur tried to look at me, but it died before it could raise its head. I feel this vision was telling me that she was going to pass suddenly and not be able to say goodbye. This vision disturbed me greatly, but everything finally made sense to me.

I feel the experience with meeting my soulmate really opened my eyes and taught me that we do have soulmates and past lives and that past karma, sadly, repeats itself.

Identify The Soulmate Connection – The Astrology Detective Starts The Investigation…

identifying the soulmate connection

Identifying Issues Within The Soulmate Relationship – Do Soulmates Come In Your Life For A Reason And Do Past Life Patterns Invariably Repeat?

The Fourth House Of My Natal Birth Chart – The Libra Zodiac Sign

From the house of home and my roots in this lifetime and my past lifetime, I learned from Mr. Libra that there are soul mates that come into your life to help you. Mr. Libra came into my life to teach me about different cultures, and it was through his inspiration that I was able to persevere in my efforts to receive my Certificates in Metaphysical Science, Certified Tarot Master, and Certified Astrologist. He was sent to inspire me, and needed to leave after his work was done.

His Life Cycle Transit: The Second Saturn Return Brings Change, And A New Relationship

During the time we met, he was going through his “Second Saturn Return,” and Saturn was in his 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes, and a social network, and the Planet Uranus was transiting through his 8th house of merging, sex, debt, lawyers, other people’s money (intermingled assets), and transformation (new beginnings or endings). His natal Uranus was in his 12th house (the secret vault that relates to secrets, hidden enemies, and isolation, healing from a traumatic situation, secret affairs, hidden illness, hospitals, prisons, endings and new beginnings).

The planet Uranus is the planet that I always ask about, and my question always is:  Why are you here?

The answer:  A secret was going to be revealed about a man that was ready to start over and merge.  He was going to look in a social network because his Second Saturn Return was bringing him into a new beginning and he was ready to change his life, and start anew.  We met through a social network, a dating site. I was looking for the 24 karat gentleman, not related to how much money he had, but related to a man with good morals! With Saturn (fate and destinty) transiting through his 11th house of a social network, it signified that he was ready to start dating again, and the “Second Saturn Return” represented the time of change, and a new relationship!

Safina’s Life Cycle Transit: The Chiron Return – The Wounded Healer

Transit – Unexpected Communication Missiles Right before he left my life… I had a line-up of planets (sudden changes) moving through my 5th house of fun, romance, hobbies, gambling, children and creativity, and the Planet Uranus (unexpected changes) was in my 3rd house of communication and short travel. My natal Uranus was in my 7th house of a committed relationship leading to marriage, marriage and business partnerships. The 3rd house was bringing out a message about the man I was engaged to. The Planet Uranus is the planet that I always ask about, and my question always is:  Why are you here?

The answer: I was going to receive a message from a man that I was engaged to, a message that he had to go away to protect his life. The planet Saturn (fate and destiny) was moving through my 12th house (the secret vault of hidden things), relating to isolation, healing from a traumatic situation, hidden enemies, secret affairs, a hidden illness, hospitals, and prisons.  The Planet Saturn represented were I was headed, and I experienced a traumatic relationship experience that took the wind out of my sails!  Chiron, The Wounded Healer Journey Chiron was moving through my 6th house of health, daily routines, work environment, coworkers, and pets. Chiron (the wounded healer) joined up with Pluto (the transformation planet) and Uranus (unexpected changes) at 24 degrees bringing out spiritual matters and personal growth through a painful relationship transformation.

Chiron represents the area in your life were you feel different, isolated, and unable to heal yourself because of something you went through. This painful experience threw me into spiritual development and this was the time my gifts opened up to a new level, and Tarot Boot Camp was just around the corner.

The Karmic Relationship

He had to leave my life, and our time together was over because he was born with a “Nasty Karmic Square” in his natal birth chart, related to his career, that of helping others, but also related to outside karmic sources that were going to bring unexpected trouble.

I also learned that soul mate patterns invariably repeat themselves, meaning that situations from the past life recur; yet inevitably. It also means that separation rises again, for the past’s repetitions are always beyond your control.  Unfortunately, we did end up separated — not by our own choice, but by the inexorable force of outside sources!

Mr. Libra was my best friend, best partner, and the best of the best. I loved this man deeply, and he was a 24 karat gentleman, inside and out! He was the best partner I ever had, but also the most painful experience I ever went through, when he had to leave my life! I still have “Two Large Boxes” that are filled up with cards to the top that I received from him during the time we were together, and there was not a day that passed that I did not receive a beautiful card from him.

He told me, “You will never know how much I miss you. I love everything about you and feel so safe in your presence. I have never loved like I love you! Forever in love with you my Princess!”

I have come to realize that every now, every moment contains its own forever!

The Dirty Past Karmic Patterns Were Stuck On Repeat

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 5.37.35 PM

We Did End Up Separated — Not By Our Own Choice, But By The Inexorable Force Of Outside Karmic Sources!

How To Gain Control And Your Power Through The Healing Process. Time To Understand The Three Stages Of Healing…

1) The first stage of your healing process is a traumatic and life-altering event.  Your position in life has changed irrevocably, and fear and uncertainty plague your misdirected path. The loss and grief can take many months or several years to process, depending on the length or depth of your attachment.

2) Depression comes next and saps your energies. You relive the past every day.  You are continually analyzing it repeatedly until mental exhaustion creeps into your body, and this is a time when you need a good friend that forces you to start living again, one day at a time. Despite yourself, your friends push you into a new healing phase so you can start to live life again.

This is also the time when you need to find a trusted spiritual advisor that will help you understand your situation, and help you heal from a traumatic, life-altering event.

3) The final stage is acceptance and recovery, thus completing the healing process, which may take months or years, depending on the length of the lost relationship. The longer the relationship, the longer it takes to heal. At this point, you realize there will always be a place in your heart for the person you lost, but they are no longer the focus of your life. You start to consider taking another relationship risk, a new beginning.

soulmate broken heart

Sewing Up My Broken Heart!

foot prints in the sand

Footprints In The Sand

The Time When You Are Walking With The Angels And God. People come into your life unexpectedly, and stay for many years, but sometimes these people leave as quickly as they arrived. Sometimes, these people leave footprints in your heart, and you never feel quite the same again after they leave. When was the last time that you looked back and saw just one set of footprints in the sand?

Was this the time when you were going through your lowest,  saddest and most troubling times in your life? Sometimes, these footprints are related to a hidden message about your healing journey, and the time when you are walking with God for a reason. The time when you need to surrender to what has happened to you in the past, and let go, so you do not give the past the power to control you. You walk with God, and the angels to learn how to live in the present and not the past!

broken heart psychic readings

Ouch Is Right, When There Is Not A Possible Reconciliation

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