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8 Proven Tips To Healing Your Broken Heart

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Psychic Libby

8 Proven Tips To Healing Your Broken Hearth
Your here because your either over getting hurt and want to heal your broken heart, or you need to deal to it rather then slob around feeling this awful feeling.
One things for sure is that dealing with a broken heart can be very painful and stressful to deal with.  Often times can lead us into some very destructive behaviour and thought patterns and feeling a deep sense of darkness, the difficulties of learning to love and trust again now seem IMPOSSIBLE.    
If your experiencing a broken heart I will share with you some  of the very best of 8 Proven Tips To Healing Your Broken Heart, that are very valid points and tips on how to go about dealing to this uneasy feeling.  
  • First of all, you need to give yourself permission to express your anger, frustrations and hurt
  • Dig deep and find out what your intentions are.  For example: Are you trying to get back with your ex partner? Are you looking for revenge as an ego boost?  Are you wanting to move past the relationship? These are very important to identify in the early stages to bring yourself to a position of “acceptance”
  • To move past a break up is to form a relationship with yourself, and not with your ex
  • Dealing with the grief of a lost one is part of the healing process, and you need to allow yourself to go through the process a little step at a time.  Acknowledge the journey and acknowledge the hurt. (Easier said then done)
  • Don’t be embarrassing yourself by making phone calls and text messages every minute, emails, and driving past his house at 2am in the morning
  • Surround yourself with good people, your family members, close friends – whatever support team you have around you, you need them in a time of need.
  •  Take the time to reflect, and talk to someone you can trust
  • This journey is for you, its your quiet time, time to focus on yourself.

If you find yourself restless, can’t think, can’t sleep, or even to the point where you can’t get up out of bed because of the hurt your feeling, contact one of our gifted love psychics today and talk through your broken heart.  This can often bring you clarity,  a sense of relief and also peace of mind.

Know that your not alone in this situation, reach out to family, friends, or even take a walk in nature.