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Destiny Happens in Divine Timing

Posted on June 20, 2015 by Joy Elle

divine timing
Divine timing or timing with the universe is everything in life.   With every aspect we live, with every moment we breathe, there is divine timing for everything.
Divine timing works closely with chaotic order.  Our choices, our freewill timing each play an important role in what the Universe wishes for each of us.
We can want something with all our hearts desires, but if in this life, it is not meant to be, it will never be allowed to come to fruition.
If you have a vision, there is a reason.  The reason is being manifested to become a vision that is lived.
Never be afraid of your visions.  Know that you are the only one that has those visions and fight to the fullest to bring them to their highest potential.
When two souls are meant to find each other to live their experience together, no matter what this experience may have in store, it will happen in divine time.
For example, a woman bought her first house.  She was petrified to live alone.  Her house was being painted and the painter used all the wrong paint.  She thought she was moving into her new home within the first week of buying it in October.  The house became a disaster and a true mess.
A new painting company came to give her an estimate in December. The painter looked at the woman and felt something he wanted to understand.
They stood in the house for 4 hours speaking. The woman looked at the painter and asked herself if this was her soul mate.  She was seeing someone for a long time that wasn’t giving her what she wanted and needed in her life and she didn’t know what to do with her relationship.
The painter had just started seeing someone new.  He wanted to take this woman out but she said she had someone and they could be friends.
The painter wanted to show respect since she had someone in her life, so he thought of her, but let her be.  5 months past and this woman was so fed up with this house and all its disasters that she never painted the house or lived in it yet.  The painter came back to pick the paint colors out for her.
The connection was so strong that it overwhelmed them both and they knew from that moment on that they were meant to be together for eternity.
They recognized their soul connection from many other lives.  There was a peace that radiated their beings and put their whole lives into a true understanding.
The woman understood after numerous circumstances that she had to leave her current situation which was not doing anything for her wellbeing, her souls growth or her purpose.
The man knew he was in a place in his life that as he waited for love from his soulmate that he didn’t have to settle on things he really didn’t want, that truly did not honor who he knew he was.  He wanted it all, he wanted true happiness.
Divine intervention came when another set of painters destroyed the paint in this woman’s house right before this painter returned to her.  By the time this painter returned, he decided to paint this house for her from his heart, and within a week of seeing each other again, he knew he would be living here with her.
Divine timing brought them to the realization that what is clearly in front of you can actually be a diving timing dream come true.  It’s about knowing that they both deserved to have what they both truly desired.
Their life time visions of their dream partners came into truth of their souls realities.  Divine timing and Divine Intervention brought the woman and the painter together.
Destiny happens no matter what. The painter could’ve met her painting her parents home, or their offices were both 30 minutes away down the same exact street across from each other.
Destiny happens when it’s divine timing, how it happens is divine intervention.
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