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First Release Cycle 2015

Posted on January 1, 2015 by Ginny


We go into our first release cycle of the new year.

Time to clear out and open space for all the wonderful new things coming in this year.

Time to let go, be it an old romance that has run it’s course, an old habit, pent up emotions or those things shoved under the bed.
We are all afraid of not having , letting go.  We will stay in a relationship that no longer serves our higher good.  It is time to clear the negativity out of ourselves and our lives.
This is an 8 year 2+0+1+5, and a year draw in what you want.  However, if you do not know what you want you may draw a liability.  So be sure and above all clear out the old first.  This is a year to be specific and realistic. To plant seeds for the harvest later.
 The eight year is a time of self empowerment which often begins with realizing how little power we have and how much we have given away.  So a time to regain your strength.  So on this first release cycle of 2015, Let go of the old, delete, make room for new  in the bring cycle of the new moon Jan. 20th. 2015