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Is there a soulmate connection in this relationship?

Posted on September 22, 2019 by Psychic Zen

is there a soulmate connection in this relationship_

Is there a soulmate connection in this relationship?

For the duration of your life, you will connect with many people on different levels.  These  connections can vary in intensity as well as in purpose, and sometimes, it is easy to misinterpret a connection as a Soulmate. 

For those that may not have experienced a soulmate relationship or a soulmate connection, the soulmate connection is something you can feel instantly.  It is a powerful connection that you feel with someone like you have never felt before. 

You may feel that you have known or met this person before, perhaps in a past life

Knowing the Soulmate Connection

When you meet your soulmate you will know exactly the intensity the relationship brings by the way you feel with this person.  Soulmate connections can be our greatest teachings, and some soulmate connections can cause a lot of pain and hurt.

This especially happens when and if one of the soulmates  doesn’t honour the soulmate connection, often because they aren’t ready for the intensity that a soulmate connection may bring to the relationship. 

You may find that the soulmate connection is too intense that the partner soulmate often does a runner.  

Soulmate Purpose

While Soulmates don’t necessarily need to end up becoming romantic partners, soulmate relationships bring about  a purpose, which is meant to bring growth, development and learning into your life. 

As well, it is important to remember that while the Universe or however you call a higher force, aids in making two Souls meet, it is up to them to go ahead with said connection or not.

They can be meant to appear in your life, but that doesn’t mean they will remain in your life.  

There are a number of reasons why, even if it is a Soulmate connection, things won’t go as expected.

It is possible that they are not ready spiritually, emotionally or even physically able to experience this connection.  There may possibly be another soulmate connection that they have chosen to honour and commit to. 

Regardless of the case, in order to work, a Soulmate connection needs to have two willing partners to thrive.   

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