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Divorce 2018: Is Your Marriage Taking a Turn for the Worse?

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Joy Elle


Divorce marriage counselling: Is Your Marriage Taking a Turn for the Worse?

 What could this mean for you and your future?  Divorce marriage counselling becoming a real conversation in your household?  It’s time to read on.  This article my give you a further insight into what you might be experiencing and how you can deal with this matter.

As a love psychic, one of the most questions we often get asked is how to reconcile with a love.

Will they contact me?  Will our marriage be okay?  How do I save my marriage?  Do you see us getting a divorce?

The soul is very fragile and very sensitive.  It knows when the energy is ready to shift and go to the next chapter of their divine being’s path.  Your soul knows when its lessons have been learned and when an experience is truly over.

There is an anxiety, a rush of energy to move forward and let go.  It could turn into a depression, it could turn into a nervousness, or it could turn into rebellion, beginning a period of pressing your partners buttons, or even purposely sabotaging a what may seem perfect relationship.

It is okay when a soul realize’s that their lesson and soul contract with a soulmate is over.  A soul contract will last until the experience is learned.  If a marriage is ending, both individuals need to understand that they are being protected from something that could turn their world upside down.

If your partner wants to move forward, it is in turn a divine blessing for you to understand that a new soulmate will be coming in for lessons that our soul will be yearning to learn

Single Life, Being alone, and getting back into the Dating Game again

Worrying about dating is something normal.

Being alone is something that is actually a blessing.  When you are alone, it means no one is there to push your buttons.  No one is there to put you down or try to take your dreams away.  Being alone means you are at peace with yourself, your dreams, and your goals.

When you date, the connections you make will show you what you are looking for and what you are not looking for.  It is okay to give each connection a full chance and if you feel a strange vibration, it is okay to understand that not every person is going down the same path or trying to serve the same purpose.

It is okay to not be a match, just as it is a blessing to be a match.

Will I find love again? I’m too old

Age is not an issue.  There is no time on the other side.  When you come into this world, you are born to serve your purpose and then you go home.  When you have a destiny for a soul contract, it will happen no matter what you do.

You are never too old to be alive and to be in love, and most of all to connect with your soul mates.

The Children

If you have children they need to feel your energy of peace, love, happiness, and fearlessness.  If your children pick up on the energy of your sadness, they will become irritable and have trouble focusing.

They will be focusing on you and your chaotic energy.  Bring yourself peace and your children’s peace will follow.

Marriage Counseling 

Seeking marriage counselling will put things into perspective.  It will be as if your brain is writing out a documentation of your experience and laying it out on a table for you to study.

Hold On or Let Go

It is important to see and understand your partners feelings, even if they do not match yours.

It is okay to agree to disagree and understand in detail where your partner is coming from and how they got to this place within themselves, what they desire, and how you can help them heal, and how you can heal together, whether you choose to stay in this experience or move forward together into the next chapter of raising your family together.

Stale Relationship

Any spark can come back if there is an understanding, and most of all if there is an opportunity to make a choice and follow your destiny.

There is no wrong or right.  Destiny is something that can not be changed and it works when it is supposed to work.  Love is in you and it will find you now and again if you love and respect yourself, your desires, and your souls purpose with the Universe.

Count all your blessings, even the ones that can not be blessed.

Looking for psychic guidance around divorce and marriage?  If your feeling lost in this moment, it might be a good idea to seek some further advice from our love psychics through a chat reading or phone psychic reading.   Gain insight and clarity into your current situation.