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PSYCHIC OF THE WEEK: We ask Psychic Libby

Posted on August 10, 2015 by Psychic Libby

psychic reader of the week

#1: When did you begin offering Psychic Readings?

I have been giving readings face to face for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know and helping many clients from around the world through my work and I’m very honored to connect with such people using technology.

#2: What do you love most about helping people?
It gives me great pleasure to use my god given gift to help someone in need of getting clarity in their life, love life, clients will come to me in their darkest moments and we are there to guide them and help them through rough patches by offering insight and help lifting the heavy burden that they feel, distress, worries, hurting feelings etc The pleasure of knowing that you helped someone through a terrible ordeal and seeing them come through it a lot stronger gives me great pleasure in seeing them grow spiritually.
#3 What questions do clients often seek answers to from you?
Most of the questions that come from clients are around love and relationships.  Clients will ask if we see potential for a new love interest, if their currently in the right relationship, if they can feel like they can give their new love interest a good shot, wether their involved with a cheating man/woman, to coping with marriage, divorce and understanding the love connections between two loved ones.
#4: Is there anyone you aspire to?
My great grandmother was a master tarot reader she was also a medium/clairvoyant. She was a huge influence in the work that I currently do and I’m thankful that I’m here to share this gift with the world.
#5: How did you discover your Psychic gift?
I was 8 years old when I first discovered I had a gift.  I had been practising giving readings on my family and closest friends.  This made me feel more comfortble in my own skin as I grew to offer readings to the general public at face to face meetings and conferences and public fundraisers.
#6: What advice do you give to people who are wanting to develop their own Psychic Intuition?
There are many ways you can get started to working on developing your psychic intuition.  The most obvious one is to begin by strengthening your intuition, trusting your gut feelings.  Meditate daily.
“The more you meditate, spend time in nature, raise your consciousness and get in touch with the more spiritual side of life, the more highly refined and sensitive you will become to subtle energy”
~ A quote by Dr Takara Shetor peering through the veil.
#7: What do you like most about working for Zenory?  What sets it a part from any other site?
Working with Zenory has allowed me to connect with a global clientele.  I enjoy working with a young vibrant team who are highly energetic and are well connected with the readers, who care about their readers and also their customers.  At Zenory your not just a number, but your made to feel a part of the team.  Ethics, honesty and transparency being a key part of my stay here has made it all the more rewarding for myself as a reader and I look forward to growing with the company.
#8: If you could give a client in need of advice who is going through a relationship break up at the moment, what would your advice be to them?
A break up or a divorce in marriage or relationship, even friendships are painful because it represents a loss of commitments, dreams, shared memories all sorts.  From this, we feel distressed, and grief.
Take the time to feel the hurt, accept and acknowledge the pain that your feeling.
Know that this is not the end for you, only a beginning to something new, and always better.  Keep yourself well hydrated.  If your lacking sleep or feeling a little distressed get yourself around a good support system such as family your loved ones, friends.  Know that this feeling your currently going through will heal, and you will grow.
Seek outside help if need be: you can connect with a love psychic, or speak with a counselor who is pref local to you and easy to access.
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