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Psychic Reader Of The Week: We Ask Psychic Shirley

Posted on September 20, 2015 by Psychic Shirley

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#1: When did you begin offering Psychic Readings?

I started giving readings at a young age.  Practicing on family members and friends.

#2: What do you love most about helping people?
I walk and guide people through the most traumatic and challenging times of their lives.  It’s tough but I know with just a little bit of guidance and advice, support from someone outside of their own inner circle with no judgement can be more help then anything.  When my clients feel fulfilled after reading with me, and see their predictions come to pass I feel a sense of relief for them.  Life is challenging and when we get stuck in life, we need that extra support.
#3 What questions do clients often seek answers to from you?
As I specialize in love and relationships, most of my clients are asking questions about love of course.   Questions such as,
When will my ex partner contact me?
Why are they acting the way they are?
Do you see our relationship growing in the next 6-12 months or so….
Help me understand my wife/husband and why he/she is being so distant etc etc
All these questions are popular among clients who feel they are stuck in unhappy situations with their relationships and in most cases they often seek advice and psychic insight to understand the one they love and the situation at hand.
#4: How did you discover your Psychic gift?
At a very young age, I was born with my gift.
#6: What advice do you give to people who are wanting to develop their own Psychic Intuition?
Practice meditation everyday.   Their are of course many other ways to develop your psychic abilities.
Learn to identify your strongest psychic ability by understanding each of the best ways you might receive messages or information.  Once you can identify which ability you are the most strongest at, then you can nurture that ability and begin to practice.
There are four ways to receive messages:
Clairvoyance – (Seeing)
Clairaudience – (hearing)
Clairsentience – (feeling) and
Claircognizance – (knowing).
In most cases one might be able to receive messages and information in all four areas, however there will always be one that is stronger then the other.
For eg: You might be stronger at feeling ( Clarsentience ) then you are at Seeing
( Clairvoyance.  ) So the best way to start is to develop your strongest first.
#7: What do you like most about working for Zenory?  What sets it a part from any other site?
Zenory is a great company to work with.  One of the many reasons I choose to work for Zenory is they really care about the quality of the readers.  They are a down to earth team of young entrepreneurs who want to help people empower their lives by offering a quality service from readers who are honest, ethical and transparent, in the same token the readers are treated very well here.
#8: If you could give a client in need of advice who is going through a relationship break up at the moment, what would your advice be to them?
Don’t go through it on your own.  Never bottle up your feelings.  Get them out by speaking to someone nearest or dearest to you.  Get yourself around people that love you, ask for support.  If you can’t bring yourself or open yourself up in that way, speak with someone outside such as a counselor who can offer guidance and outside support, or you can speak with someone like myself, a love psychic who can help you understand your feelings and the one you love, walk you through the healing process, and begin to set you up on the right path.
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