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Crystals Used For Psychic Readings

Posted on December 16, 2017 by Psychic Ruby

crystals for psychic readings

Crystals are often used by many psychics during psychic readings.

Many psychic readers use different tools and special gifts they possess for each psychic reading.

Psychic readings with crystals are another way psychics can gain insight and information.

They can then pass this along to clients and can be quite useful to them.

Many psychics even use their crystals on their alters.  Some psychics use crystals in jewellery they wear and to assist them in meditation.

Some psychics even have crystal balls!

Some psychics have wands and pendulums with crystals they use for psychic readings.

Psychic readings can include the use of such crystals as quartz, rose quartz, tigers eye, citrine, amethyst, and so many, many more.

During a psychic reading a reader may recommend to a client that they purchase certain crystals.

A reputable psychic will only suggest inexpensive ones that the client can buy at a store or online.

These can be used for protection, healing and for other various reasons that will be helpful for the client. Each zodiac sign also has a crystal to go with it. Some say that purchasing crystals should be a very hands on experience.

Some suggest you should pay close attention to what you are drawn to, and feel free to touch each one and get what feels right to you.

People that need to feel more grounded, want help in manifesting or meditation, or wish to change or balance the energy around you often buy them. Many crystals have multiple healing qualities but some are better than others.

Topaz for instance, is a great for those in need of strength both inner strength and physical strength. Citrine has been said to be a great manifesting crystal. Lapis can be great for meditation purposes.

Psychic readers make sure to keep their crystals clean, and so should you.

Simply running them under water will do the trick. Psychic readings and a Tarot Reading with crystals can help one regain balance, strength and a sense of well being back into their lives.

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