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Signs Your Relationship Wasn’t Meant To Last

Posted on November 28, 2015 by Psychic Safina

signs your relationship wasn't meant to last

Signs your relationship wasn’t meant to last

Sometimes you’ll discover the relationship wasn’t meant to last because of what your lover or partner does not say.

We’re not always aware of the obvious.  Have you ever thought about what your lover DOES NOT SAY, rather than what your lover does say?

Sometimes, nothing is what it seems to be! Did your experience teach you something about yourself that you needed to change, or did your experience teach you something about someone else, a revelation that took the wind out of your sails because you felt like a weed that was plucked out of your lover’s garden?

Sometimes you’ll discover the relationship wasn’t meant to last because your partner pulled away and stopped answering texts and phone calls. The relationship started out like a romantic whirlwind, but ended as fast as it started!

Sometimes you need to dial 911 for higher-self and listen to that little voice (the whisperer) that talks to you and keeps you safe!

You need to pay more attention to your initial gut feeling because your gut usually knows when something feels amiss, or maybe you needed to start decoding the dreams you were experiencing and what these dreams were telling you, or maybe you just had a strong hunch that followed you around like an irritant for a reason because something did not feel right!

Sometimes you’ll discover the relationship wasn’t meant to last because your partner picked on you for everything you did.

Where you in a: It’s-my-way-or-the-highway- relationship?

Did your partner control the relationship or did your partner have a caustic tongue and say hurtful things to you?

Did you lose your personality and walk on egg shells to keep the peace?

This is the sign that your partner does not respect you and probably does not respect others.

Did your partner threaten you and say that the grass is greener elsewhere if you did not agree with his or her way of thinking. This is also a sign that your partner might be cheating on you and comparing you with someone else.

I learned early on to put this type of fire out the second it starts. You need to face the heat of the lion that roars at you at that moment, so the lion does not devour you!

You need to stand up for yourself and be firm about your beliefs or you risk losing yourself and getting hurt, spending years in the house of self-undoing to heal yourself!

Decode Bug 4:

Sometimes you’ll discover the relationship wasn’t meant to last because your partner is still in love with someone in the past.

Did you hang onto a relationship with hopes that your partner would choose you after he or she healed? Did the relationship end up as a friends-with-benefits-relationship or a sexual relationship because the past hindered your partner’s future because he or she was still stuck in the baleful ghosts of the past!

Bravo for taking a risk, because if we do not take risks, we do not grow, but be careful with what kind of risks you take, especially if you have high expectations! Did you know that everyone heals differently? Statistics say that a 5 years relationship takes about 2.5 years to heal…

You need to be careful when you meet someone and make sure the baggage of the past is long gone and not following that person around!

Decode Bug 5:

Sometimes you’ll discover the relationship wasn’t meant to last because your partner’s family have decided on a marriage within the same religion or ethnicity and you did not meet the requirements!

Both of you were passionately in love with each other, but your partner would not go against family. Later, the relationship ends because the family found the right mate for your partner and planned the marriage, and the passionate relationship ended painfully!

I have never found a happy ending with this kind of situation, and my advice is DO NOT get close to anyone that only believes in family arranged marriages.