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Breaking Up With Your Soul Mate

Posted on May 3, 2015 by Psychic Libby


Unconditional love that should come with a soulmate connection is a far cry from the jealous and overzealous love patterns that one can so easily fall into when you’re desperate to keep love, or own it.

Really, that’s the problem.  Once we have something, our natural instinct is not to let go, but to hold on for as long and as tight as we possibly can. Investing in a relationship, any relationship, whether it’s a friendly association or a romantic one, takes time. It also requires effort, understanding and immense amounts of energy. The idea of letting go of something you’ve nurtured to this extent can be daunting.  More so when it was a connection fostered with a soulmate. Anxiety related to separation from this kind of connection can be very overwhelming.  The idea of starting something new with a different soul essence can be intimidating,  especially if your past soulmate relationship has been a rocky ride or a perfect experience.

 So what is the soulmate’s purpose?

Soulmates come into our lives to teach us valuable life lessons. I say Each soulmate you encounter in this life time adds to your understanding and prepares you for your meeting with your twin flame.  Your soul needs to have accumulated infinite wisdom to be completely ready for the twin flame as it is a love catapulted into chaos at first, and characterized by sacrifice, or unconditional love (which requires sacrifice). This is exactly why the soulmate connection is so strong.  Your soulmate teaches you with every shared experience to be a strong pillar of love for your twin flame.  It is often from the soulmate that you will learn to love openly, unreservedly and patiently (even when said soul mate is not directly or consciously teaching you.) That’s why it’s so important to realize that when it is time to let go, it is important to do so, so that you can keep moving forward.

 What is a soulmate?

  • A soulmate is someone who has come across your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
  • A soul you automatically feel comfortable with, someone who just “clicks” with you.
  • A deep connection to another soul’s core essence
  • Soulmate connections are not exclusive to a set of souls.  That means you could meet many soul mates in various forms throughout your life.  (Friends, Pets, Partners)
  • Often, you have the feeling of “knowing” that person, even upon first meeting

Desperation in love

As an international love Psychic who has been dealing in the industry of conducting love psychic readings and assisting people of all ages, genders, beliefs and issues, I have heard many that always want to be back with the one they love.  Often I hear these words:

“But this is my soulmate we’re talking about,  I can’t be without this life force.”

“I want him back, he loves me I know he does”

You CAN be without a soulmate and often times you NEED to be without that essence in your life. It’s easy to put the responsibility on your soulmate to love you and forget to learn to love yourself and often, this is why a soulmate split happens, although there are a number of reasons why soulmates would want to split.

Why soulmates need to split up at times

  • The relationship is draining in both karmic energy and personal energy (i.e. too much drama)
  • One has outgrown the other
  • One needs their space or is close to finding their twin flame
  • There is no more room for growth, both personally and as a team within the relationship.
  • There are lessons to be learned/taught.
  • A time of renewal.

As the quote by Tony Gaskins: “Desperation is a weak emotion.” Personal strength and contentment are, therefore, the key to a great experience.  Although it can be traumatizing separating from your soulmate, it is sometimes necessary.  You will both know when the time comes to let go, let your intuition guide you.  After all, it is actually the source guiding you. Resistance to this vital lesson will only cause you and your soulmate more pain, and for sure, that is not what you want.

How to move forward and heal from the soulmate separation 

  • Love more than what you did going into the relationship
  • Vow to grow and gain understanding
  • Stop looking, calm down, become content with your own company and learn to love yourself for who you are without expecting another to do it for you.
  • Make a note of seeing your separation as mutually beneficial, even if it doesn’t seems so in the beginning
  • Don’t be desperate. Let go. For your sake and your soulmate’s
  • Remember that you can still love someone, even when they are physically not with you. Love is something you give but never take. You welcome it.
  • Dust it off. No matter how broken you feel, smile.

Ending a relationship is never easy, soulmate and twin flame connection aside.  We want to love and want to be loved in return. Every now and then the universe pushes two soulmates back together.  Their learning is not complete, or they have asked to be together. The important thing to remember is that life is a gift, we are all here trying to make sense of our senses, and our purpose. Move through your lessons too quickly, and you will forget to experience LIFE.  Move through your lessons too slowly and you might become disillusioned.  Learn to let go of what does not belong to you.  The best way to do this is to remember one simple thing: If you hold onto a soulmate, you are keeping yourself and others from learning.  Most importantly, you are keeping someone from finding their soul’s right: their twin flame.

The world is simply not ready yet for absolute unconditional love. But it will be, one soul at a time, and you are part of that beautiful awakening.

Want to learn more about the soulmate experience?  Are you feeling stuck in this break up cycle that you can’t seem to get through?  Not happy with the way your feeling?  Speaking to a love psychic can help guide you through your current separation and give you the insights you need to grow in this situation.  Seeing and understanding more about what your experiencing and why during the soulmate separation can aide you with more clarity and more direction to push you through.