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Has Your Soulmate Lost Respect For You?

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Psychic Ruby

has your soulmate lost respect for you?

Has Your Soulmate Lost Respect For You?

You feel as if you’ve been waiting your whole life for your soulmate and the attraction you feel for them is sudden and strong. So what happens if the person you love loses respect for you over time?

Most relationships start off in a honeymoon phase where both partners are on their best behavior, sharing their very best version of themselves with each other.  Respect in a relationship means that both partners see value in the other person.

A respectful relationship is based on honesty and makes you feel safe and loved. Sometimes, however, one soulmate can start to put their own value above their soulmate partner and this is where a perfectly good soulmate relationship can turn toxic.

A toxic relationship can make you feel depressed and unworthy.

You could start to physically have low energy and withdraw from family and friends. If you sense this is happening to you, look for these clues in your relationship that will help you determine if your soulmate has lost respect for you.

Top Three Signs of a Toxic Relationship

  • Unreliable

    your soulmate doesn’t call for days, is frequently late to dates or reschedules at the last minute often. You cannot count on them to be there for you when you need them most.

  • Disrespectful Words or Actions

    they are no longer polite, they call you names, belittle your dreams or talk badly about your friends and family. They may talk to you as if you are inferior, less intelligent or beneath them.

  • Manipulative

    your partner tries to start arguments, makes you feel like you are to blame for everything negative that happens, turns friends or family against you or often lies to you.

When you are intensely attracted to someone or love them deeply, it can be easy to ignore or explain away the early signs of disrespect in a relationship. It is important for you to remember that you are not at fault and you deserve to be treated with respect at all times, especially by your lover.

Once you have recognized one or more of the red flags above, it is time to turn things around quickly before it gets worse.

Set clear and specific boundaries with your soulmate.  Let them know that continued disrespect will no longer be tolerated.

Stick to your guns, do not let your love for your soulmate cloud your judgement and keep you in an unhealthy toxic relationship that will harm you mentally or physically in the long run.