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Soulmate Rejection: When your soulmate doesn’t honor the connection

Posted on December 22, 2019 by Zenory

soulmate rejection

Soulmate Rejection: When your soulmate doesn’t honor the connection

Soulmates come in many forms. They can be a best friend, a family member, a stranger you meet in passing, a lover or an animal. The key point to be aware of is that soulmates always show up to teach us a lesson, to teach us about some aspect of ourselves or universal teaching. Soulmates are essentially reflections of us.

The soulmates we will be focusing on in this article, however, are romantic, sexual and intimate soulmates- the type of bond you may refer to as a lover, partner or boyfriend or girlfriend. These types of soulmates feel like they are your one true love, and to an extent this is true. This is because for a soulmate to be a soulmate, they would have needed to have embarked on their own journey of transformation, growth and spiritual or soulful evolution. Self- healing, meditation, metaphysical and esoteric wisdom and knowledge, awareness of our interconnectivity and connection with the universe- and planet- and a deep recognition of unconditional love being one of the most powerful vibrations and forces available to us, are all common themes inherent within a soulmate bond. In other words, you and your partner “get” each other.

Before looking into why soulmate rejection occurs, and how it can be so painful, let’s first explore the essence and archetypes of a soulmate bond and love; so you can better understand why this type of connection is so powerful and significant.

Essence & Archetypes of A Soulmate Connection

A deep bond of friendship

Soulmates have an underlying bond symbolized by friendship, mutual respect and recognition. You recognize one another and know that, to an extent, if you weren’t lovers and romantically or sexually involved, you possess the capacity for great friendship. Respect, mutual understanding and cooperation define your motivations and intentions for your relationship.

Shared spiritual or psychic gifts

Many soulmates have a deep spiritual connection. Telepathy may be common- you may know when the other is about to call or enter the room, without physical warning, and sense things beyond the norm. Your awareness of one another’s presence is deeply heightened and sharing thoughts, speech or emotions are not uncommon. There is most likely an element of reading one another’s minds too, literally possessing a psychic or clairvoyant gift to tune into your partner’s energy field and aura. It is in the aura, the electromagnetic energy field surrounding us, that thoughts, emotions, beliefs, subtle impressions, mental projections and one’s state of vibratory health (your personal vibration or frequency) can be seen. Experienced and sensed. Soulmates often have an invisible and profound bond with one another on the subtle planes of being.

Shared sense of purpose?

Many soulmates have the same interests and inner passions manifesting as a shared service or gift to humanity, the planet or some important and meaningful cause. You shine brightest when in loving or helpful service to some cause or being, and specifically when doing it with your lover. Your light and divine essence becomes activated and there is a strong desire to better yourself for both your soulmate and for the people or cause you are helping. You may choose to ground this passion, talent or gift into a profession and life path, or simply engage with it regularly as a hobby. Either way, your shared soul passion reflets outwards into the world and further strengthens your relationship.

Why doesn’t s/he honor your connection?

After reading the above you may realize just how special a true soulmate bond is. Well, with lightness comes darkness and day spirals back into night, and vice versa. Life ultimately involves duality and to put it bluntly- not everyone grows, evolves and learns on the same timeline. Your sweetie, lover or bond of soul may be your true love, and someone you can share a lifetime with, but this doesn’t mean that they are on the same journey as you.

Below is everything you need to know to help you heal and recover and step fully into your divinity and beauty once more. Please don’t think that a soulmate rejecting your love and connection is your fault, because it is not. (So long as you have done the healing and soul work, and achieved the balanced and integration of self you know to be true!)

  1. Their shadow is not a reflection of yours

We all have a shadow self, those undesirable, dark, unwanted or often denied and repressed aspects of self we either first deny and reject, or secondly aim to transcend and evolve through and past. Because a soulmate connection vibrates at such as high frequency, this means that there is great capacity for vast darkness or incredible lightness. Soulmate rejection occurs when your partner has refused to accept parts of their own shadow and therefore starts to reject you as a result. Perhaps they can’t accept their beauty, brilliance and spiritual gifts or wonderful compassionate nature, so they start to reject this part of you and your soulmate connection… This stems from an ability to accept the dark and undesirable aspects of life and being, thus, because light and dark exist simultaneously, a rejection of one part of self leads to a rejection of another.

Your connection can be intense, euphoric and transcendental, and you may vibe on a level never experienced before with past “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” A soulmate connection is more than the societal created boyfriend and girlfriend relationship experienced in youth, or before spiritually awakened and evolved; soulmate bond is intrinsically soulful- full of soul- with an essential aspect being some level of personal awakening and healing. In order to come together in a soulmate union, you and your partner must first have had to have done some self- healing, soul- searching and deep introspection, in addition to having had engaged in the healing arts, spirituality and metaphysics- things which connect you directly to your true nature. So, you are quite simply on different stages of your journey and your mirror (your reflection, your partner and soul connection) is not quite ready to accept themselves or your bond.

  1. Karmic and ancestral wounds are real

Another highly important factor normally always present in soulmate rejection is the reality that being human inevitably involves suffering. We all have karmic and ancestral wounds, pains and trauma brought from childhood, past relationships, family and even past lifetimes, into adult life. Now, assuming that you are wholly ready for a soulmate connection on the highest levels, you have most likely engaged fully with your own personal journey of healing and transformation, and further come to terms with aspects of yourself and your past. This does not mean your soulmate has! This also means, as hard as it may be, you should not take it personally. Your love is still in a transitory phase with their own healing to do.

  1. Your feelings are not a fantasy

 Feeling like everything you felt and experienced was a fantasy, an illusion; may start to take hold. When you bond and merge with another on all levels- spiritually, soulfully mentally, emotionally and physically- it can leave you in a state of eternal perpetual entanglement. Your souls become entwined and there is a strong recognition that you have always known each other, and always will. This can be very hard and painful to come to terms with when the connection begins to break down, as you know fully within that the love you share is real, authentic and deep- almost timeless; yet your soulmate does not. However, they do know this, on a level, it is just buried by insecurities, wounds, past pains and self- denial or repression. The biggest mistake you could make is to tell yourself that it was all a fantasy.

Don’t doubt yourself or what you know to be true; your love was and is real. All those moments of deep connection, telepathy, authentic feeling and connection, and the sense of knowing one another beyond time and space… these are still true. Acceptance and understanding combined with compassion and empathy are your keys to retaining your own truth, integrity and self- love, so you can then shine this out into your next soulmate connection; or into the current one if you should choose to wait. Fully embracing that your love was not a fantasy and that everything perceived, felt and experienced was real will allow you to continue to stay on your own frequency and wavelength, and not devolve to lower your vibration to that of your soulmate’s. This brings us onto the next point.

  1. You don’t need to feel guilty for evolving higher or moving on!

This is essential. In short, the fact that your soulmate has rejected you and you are completely willing to do the self- healing and self- development work necessary to maintain and secure the bond, means that when you finally accept it is not currently meant to be, or that you are just on a different level and stage of your journey, feeling guilty is a no- no. You do not need to lower your vibration for anyone. You also don’t need to devolve or fall into karmic entrapments and entanglements. This does not mean you have to stop loving your soulmate, or stop feeling empathy for them; it is just essential that you don’t compromise your own “inner soulmate vibe” for one who is not ready nor on the same level as you. Guilt, shame or self- devolution are completely counterproductive to both your soulmate and the love you once shared- don’t you want them to rise and be the best version of themselves they can be?

Even if you are no longer together physically, your thoughts, emotions and personal frequency are very powerful. You and your soulmate are still connected throughout time and space, and your soulmate connection is still very much alive and real!

  1. Give them space, let them learn their lessons, and commit to self- love…

Finally, giving them their space and allowing them time to learn their lessons is one of the best things you can do. You also should commit to self- love and do everything in your power to stay aligned with your self- worth, self- esteem and personal confidence. Being self- empowered, soulful and sovereign should not be sacrificed for anyone, especially not for someone who was unwilling to grow and journey with you. A true soulmate connection is one of the highest expressions of love on this earth plane… no- one benefits from appeasing or sacrificing this to old wounds, ancestral or karmic trauma, and the inability or unwillingness to heal and move forward in life.

Be your own soulmate!

Being your own soulmate is one of the most effective and helpful things you can do to heal and recover from soulmate rejection. Treat yourself with the loving kindness and compassion you happily give to your lucky lover. Step fully into your self- empowerment and spiritually inspired mindset and state of consciousness. Become the best version of yourself, for you. Stay committed to self- healing and harmonizing your mind, body and spirit or soulful self with daily reality. Quite simply, be your own best friend, soul-mate and lover.

You can heal from soulmate rejection and go on to live a beautiful and abundant life. In fact, there are many soulmates for us and being rejected by one (or two or three!) does not mean you will never experience the love you know yourself worthy of. Stay strong and centered and committed to your truth. Everything manifests in perfect timing.

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