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Way’s To Tell if your Ex is Stalking You on Facebook

Posted on September 25, 2016 by Psychic Ruby

stalking your ex on social media

Is your ex boyfriend or girlfriend stalking you on facebook or other social media sites?

Is your Ex Stalking you on Facebook?   Social media sites are a popular hit for communication especially for those wanting to showcase their entire life story on a daily basis.

It is no doubt that social media sites such as facebook make us feel connected.  We tend to lurk toward facebook as it’s an easier way to communicate with real time, live responses.   The use of social media sites can also create an urgency to know what your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend are doing.

Studies have shown that social media sites are an easy outlet and provide assurance to feel some sort of connection with that person, instead of letting them go we tend to hold onto anything we can.

 We all have that one annoying person in our newsfeed that is constantly broadcasting their dirty laundry all over Facebook, if not there’s going to be someone you know who would have to agree with the above statement.

Like everything else, social media has it’s good side and it’s bad side. Social media, when used to stalk (or if you prefer, gain insight on) your ex or someone you love, can cause more problems that’s worth.  I inwardly groan when people speak to me of what they “discovered” on social media about their ex-partner or the one they love.  

Why? Based on my experience as a psychic, it is because in most cases, the information is false or misleading.  

The problem with social media in cases like this is people often misinterpret what they see.  It is up to us psychics to tell the fact from fiction, but clients or most people do not always have the ability to see the difference.

Your ex may be purposely using social media to get to you or hurt you. Your ex could be putting on a show to seem happier than they really are. Everything on social media is not fact. Many people’s first instinct is that if it is on social media, it must be true.

This way of thinking can cause unnecessary drama and pain. A lot of games are played on social media, of the mental and emotional nature. (Not just  the Pokemon Go, or Candy Crush Saga etc).

social media dealing with my ex

Psychic readings can spot these games easily, where many people cannot see through them as easily.

If you have found yourself unable to move on or get closure from a past relationship, it could be because you keep checking the social media accounts of your ex.  This kind of behaviour can lead to an obsession.  

You feel the need to check several times a day and it becomes a part of your routine. You find yourself more interested in social media than in enhancing your own daily life. This can make moving on almost impossible.

And what if your ex is checking YOUR social media accounts without your knowledge?

Talking to a love psychic through a love psychic reading or tarot reading will help ease your mind in weeding through the fake stories we see our ex’s publish online.  Consulting with a love psychic will help guide you through what maybe true and what may not be true.