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Full Moon in Leo: “The Majestic Lion with a Humongous Heart”

Posted on February 13, 2020 by Zenory

full moon in leo

FULL MOON in LEO – February 8th 2020:  11:33 pm PST

February 9th 2020: 7:33 am GMT | 5:33 pm AEST

✧  A Full Moon in the astrological constellation of Leo brings positive growth and change, abundance, and great opportunity for creativity and imaginative self- expression.

Leo as a star/ sun sign represents passion and life force, the joy and abundance of life. Leo’s ruling glymph or symbol is the lion, a majestic creature known for its immense pride and strength and fierce protective qualities. But lions also symbolize royalty, a balance between rest (they love to laze around for the most part of their days, in the sun!) and play, and brotherhood, sisterhood, family and community. All of these associations can be brought to the forefront of your conscious mind for healing and integration.

Creativity, self- expression and artistic gifts & talents: The main theme of Leo!

The main theme with a Leo Full Moon is the capacity for creative, artistic and imaginative self- expression. This month you are being guided to get intune with your creative self and step into your true power and potential.

Projects always dreamed about or started and taken a back- seat should come into focus now, and you may find yourself creating a vision board or immersing yourself in a passion project or hobby.

During this full moon period you should try and let go of limiting beliefs and negative cycles and turn your attention solely towards your unique talents and artistic abilities.

Drama, egotistical tendencies and any people, places, environments or mindsets that limit or restrict you should be released. Simply move away from them.  Create a sacred creative space where you can shine, as this is where you will receive most joy, inner peace and contentment, and success, during this cycle.

Heart, kindness and kinship

Leo also symbolizes kindness, generosity, living with heart and sincerity, and kinship- kinship encompassing, friendship, family bonds, romantic connections, lovers, and kindred spirits!

This is the perfect time to form or strengthen close bonds and energize existing relationships. It is also an ideal time for love and romance, and these things will strengthen your creativity.

The Leo Full Moon is an opportunity for expansion, success, abundance and friendship, and, if you are open to love, finding a soulmate with true love potential.

You may further wish to meditate on cultivating compassion and kindness, sincerity and selflessness- a giving mentality and mindset- as the Leo Full Moon embodies all of these things.

Full Moon: A Sign of Completion

Full Moons are seen to represent completion, a coming “full circle” and integrating the qualities wishing to be integrated and balanced within. Whichever sign or constellation the moon rests in, so in this case, Leo, you are being asked to listen to the teachings, symbolism and energetic associations for self- analysis and self- development.

Full Moons are all about self- evolution, about bettering yourself and paying attention to the signs and messages of the universe and natural world.

For a Full Moon in Leo, perhaps it is time to finally step into your divine, majestic and regal- like self and own your unique talents? You are a creative being with a direct link to source and the raw creative power of the universe… it is time you own it!

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