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Twin Flame Connections and the Divine Purpose

Posted on December 29, 2019 by Psychic Ruby

twinflame connections

A twin flame love and connection is rare, magical and unique. We have many soulmates in one lifetime but only a few, or one, special twin flame. This is because the twin flame love and bond vibrates at a powerful and supreme frequency; there is no connection quite like it.

Without further ado, let’s explore the twin flame connection in all of its beauty and glory.

What is the difference between a Soulmate and a Twinflame?

Soulmates are here to teach us a lesson, to teach us about aspects of our self and our journey. A soulmate bond shows itself so we can learn, evolve and heal – we can transcend lower vibrational ways of being, behavior and thought through soulmate connections.

Soulmate love or bonds may come into our lives for deep healing and releasing. For example, we may still be holding onto emotional blocks, issues and trauma which a soulmate can help us release.

We alternatively may have outdated, limiting or self- destructive beliefs and mindsets preventing our evolution and self or spiritual development. A soulmate connection helps us transcend this.

Soulmates are also here to show us the “unseen” and invisible parts of self, particularly in relation to soul and spirit.

Maybe you are just beginning your spiritual journey and awakening, or are new to meditation, metaphysical teachings and ancient wisdom, so a soulmate enters your life to guide you along your path.

Or, perhaps you are literally in need of some very obvious healing and you therefore attract a soulmate for personal transformation and growth, someone more mature and further along their own path? Hopefully these few examples give an accurate idea of the purpose and essence of a soulmate connection.

A twinflame bond, however, is the next stage and step in your evolutionary journey. You ultimately only come together with a twin flame once you have done the healing work yourself.

The healing work is referring to the years and copious amounts of energy, self- love and healing taken towards healing your mind, body and spirit. Also, your mental body, emotional body, physical body, spiritual body and aura/ astral and etheric existence.

Your twin flame is your reflection, your mirror and your soul’s counterpart. You share the same foundational vibrational energy and essence, beliefs and dreams, goals and wishes, philosophies and perspectives, and quite possibly gifts, talents and soul abilities.

Sacredness and divinity are the underlying core threads to your bond and love, and you both primarily operate from your higher self.

Sacredness and Divine Union

Expanding on, twin flame love is very, very sacred and special. It is similar to the special bond shared between soulmates, however goes a step above and beyond.

Synonyms for sacred include holy, devotional and spiritual, and this is exactly what the twin flame connection is and represents. When two twins come together in love, intimacy and holy union there is an element of divine union- a sacred union of two souls recognizing each other and how they have walked together many times before.

Twin flames know each other, they have shared past lives and will share future lives. There are two main purposes of twin flame love. Let’s explore these now.

Purpose 1: To experience love and happiness on the highest of planes

Experiencing love, joy, connection and happiness on the highest possible frequency- in the strongest vibration- is ultimately one of the main purposes of the twin flame sacred union.

The ecstasy, bliss and sense of holy union felt and experienced by both twins is simply indescribable, it is one of the most, if not the most, highest expression of joy, love and liberation known to mankind.

There is a feeling of transcendental awareness and higher knowing with a twin flame union, and this is intuitively and instinctively known by both partners.

Instincts are strong and on point, intuition is activated and integrated, and both partners operate with a sense of spiritual and divine knowing and recognition. This recognition is of their connection and love, part and place in the world, and of the spiritual energy that permeates life itself.

Finally, both twins in the twin flame sacred union act, speak and perceive with soul- they are wholly aware of their soulful and timeless essence.

Concepts such as multidimensionality, infinite being, non- linear time and eternal nature are not only understood but also embodied.

They are aware that their love exists and stems beyond time and space. On the earth plane, the laughter, sheer joy and divine union that exists between them is of the highest expression.

There is no bickering, judgements or “lower” behaviors and emotional displays such as in karmic or even some soulmate relationships & bonds; they have transcended the lower dimensional states of being and risen higher, in love.

Purpose 2: To come together in divine and sacred union for a shared mission or purpose

Having a shared mission or purpose is fundamental to the twin flame bond. This is something which separates and distinguishes a true twin flame connection to a soulmate or karmic one.

Twinflames are birthed from the same cosmic DNA, the same energetic frequency and soulful essence. So they share the same skills, talents, motivation and intentions for humanity and planet earth.

Examples: two humanitarian aid workers travelling the world to be of assistance to those in need… two musicians or artists of some kind with a shared mission… two healers, shamans or spiritual healers with the same intentions and skillset, being of service to benefit others.

Or two eco- activists sharing their love and passion for healing and helping the earth with communities and sustainable organizations. These are just a few possibilities, but hopefully you get the idea!

The twin flame bond is birthed first and foremost from soul and spirit, the essence of both being and our human physical reality.

Some relationships are birthed from purely physicality or primal wants and needs, therefore there will be issues, imbalances and distortions in many other essential elements and aspects of life, and the relationship.

Some relationships are formed from solely mental or emotional similarities, henceforth- again- a sense of holism (all- encompassing/ complete) will be missing.

But with a twin flame love two souls have come together from a balanced, integrated and pure state of mind, body, heart and soul. Like the well known analogy of “the onion,” they have not had to peel away the layers to get to the core; they were already in touch and tune with their core and met (came together in divine sacred union) from that level.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

The divine masculine and divine feminine are two well known concepts for anyone familiar with new age terms and speech. And these are integral concepts of the twin flame connection.

We are all said to operate as primary masculine and feminine. It is usually the case that if we are male, we are more masculinely inclined and, if we are female, more femininely inclined and oriented. We also have astrological and celestial influences, such as our ruling planet.

For example, if you are Cancer you are more feminine as the Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, and the Moon is of a negative or feminine polarity. If you are Aries you are more masculinely inclined as Aries is ruled by Mars, a positive/ masculine polarity planet.

Yet, with  twin flame sacred union both twins are balanced within. There is unity within and this then reflects outwards into your relationship.

With a twin flame relationship or sacred union both twins are balanced within. Divine masculine and feminine qualities are balanced, merged, harmonized and integrated/ embodied, and this reflects outwards into the relationship. Thus, the twin flame bond is symbolized by a coming together of dual forces, a unity within duality.

This means that duality, wholeness and completion are key themes with the twin flame connection.

The divine masculine and divine feminine are two aspects of one circle, and this metaphorical circle is present within each twin first and further within the relationship/ connection.

Completion can also be seen to be present because to find and merge on all levels with your twin flame is to complete an important stage in the soul’s evolutionary journey.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing must be present and have had occurred, and achieving wholeness, balance and integration within must also be achieved before the same qualities can be reflected externally to a partner.

This means that masculine and feminine energies need to be completely healed, balanced and integrated before you can “vibe” on the same level (frequency) with a partner.

Below are some key characteristics of the divine masculine and divine feminine. To show their power and significance, we have include some potential dualistic (opposing) behaviors and characteristics of the wounded masculine and wounded feminine, which are often seen in karmic or less evolved relationships.

These can also help you to understand the twin flame bond better in all of its magnificence!

Divine Masculine

  • Present and aware
  • Protective, caring and supporting
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Capable of empathy and emotional connection
  • Discerning and decisive

Wounded Masculine (Non- Twin Flame)

  • Manipulative, lacking empathy and awareness
  • Forceful, domineering and dominant
  • Controlling and demanding
  • Completely detached from divine feminine qualities
  • Over- doing, over- thinking, uncontrolled and imbalanced 

Divine Feminine

  • Intuitive & instinctual
  • Expressive and radiant
  • Compassionate and empathic
  • Creative
  • Adaptable, balanced and compromising

Wounded Feminine (Non- Twin Flame)

  • Disconnected from feelings and emotions, repressed
  • Shame, guilt- driven, and unworthy. Low self- esteem
  • Weak boundaries
  • Codependent, always apologizing and over- explaining
  • Inflexible, stubborn, insecure and fearful of masculine qualities, or men in general. Alternatively, overly masculine and aggressive

These lists are just a rough representation of the divine masculine and feminine qualities within us all.

Telepathy and telepathic connection

Telepathy is the ability to know what someone else is thinking, feeling and operating on the inner levels of being.

It can almost be seen as an advanced form of empathy and it is something that twin flames possess. You and your twin may just know when the other is about to call, or show up at your door unannounced.

You will most likely be able to feel what they are feeling from afar, such as experiencing extreme or intense feelings the moment they do. Your telepathic connection is a psychic gift which connects you through time and space.

You may be aware that dolphins use a supersonic special radar to communicate through the ocean’s waves. You may also be aware that snakes can sense energy and subtle vibration through their tongues, or that bats use echolocation to “see” sounds.

Well, these may give you a clearer image of twin flame telepathy. In essence, these examples and many more are what twin flames can do and are capable of, and further what many experience on a day to day basis.

The power and significance of telepathy amongst twinflames should not go undervalued, as it shows just how magical and divine your connection is.

It can help you to understand the sacredness of your union and how your love transcends the perceived limitations of the human mind and 3d reality experience. Amazing stuff!

Twin flame synchronicity

Finally and to conclude this article, twin flame synchronicity is a common phenomena.

This refers to the fact that many twin flames awaken at the same time, regardless of how close or far you are, or if you have ever met! You share highly significant and essential aspects of the same timeline and earth journey.

You go through the same trials and tribulations, lessons and teachings, and you experience the highs, lows, joys and downfalls simultaneously.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in each other’s lives, as friends or acquaintances, or if you live on the other side of the planet… you and your twin share a natural harmonic resonance and natural vibration.

You are one and connected, and your synchronous awakening is usually some catalytic or harmonious event which brings you together, or at least into full alignment with your true self and the core of your soul, so you can meet later.

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Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Psychic Zen

do soulmates separate and reunite?

Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

The Soulmate experience is always challenging, and there are lots of myths associated with this kind of connection.

There’s a very widespread misunderstanding that Soulmate relationships are meant to be and that, regardless of the circumstance, the two Soulmates will find a way to be together and live happily ever after but that is not always true.

While Soulmate relationships share a deep connection and intensity and you may feel like you can’t live without your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that they are meant to be.

Do soulmates always re-unite?

A Soulmate will enter your life when the time is right, but they may not necessarily stay.  There are different reasons for soulmate separations.  One of the most common is bad timing.  When one of the soulmates involved, or even both soulmates, are not in the right place to enter this relationship.

In other cases, there are chances for a posterior reunion and some cases there won’t be.   It is true as well that sometimes, the intensity of the soulmate connection is just too intense and one of the soulmates feels overwhelmed, returning later – or not – to the soulmate connection at all.

It is important to remember that we are here to live the human experience, and often, the ego is in control of the decision making.

A Soulmate can often sometimes be abusive or un-deserving of our commitment, and in this case, separating from your soulmate is the best thing that you can do for yourself, and your soulmate.

Doing this may actually increase your changes of the reunite, the space can bring more clarity and give the soulmate a chance to miss you.

Another reason for separation one of the Soulmates may not be interested in the sort of intense connection or relationship, or they may have chose or feel comfortable to stay single, in which case, the soulmate separation is also a strong possibility.

It is vital to remember that the whole point of the Soulmate journey is focused on our own individual growth and not necessarily the pursuit of a romantic relationship.

If you have to go through the soulmate separation of your Soulmate, final or not, keep in mind that you can still find blissful joy and happiness in another relationship and that you are worthy of someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

If your looking to gain more insights into your soulmate or understand the intensity of the soulmate connection, it maybe helpful to consider a soulmate psychic reading with a online psychic at Zenory.