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Why do people feel the need to cheat in a relationship? Updated

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Psychic Nori


Why do people feel the need to cheat in a relationship? Updated

Lovers cheat in relationships for many reasons, but the underlying cause for cheating is almost always a deep desire for change.  One partner becomes bored or unsatisfied, and instead of dealing with that in a healthy manner, they look for the answer outside of the relationship.

Other lovers may use an affair as a way to exit the relationship instead of trying to fix what is making them unhappy in it.  They are reckless in the affair, hoping that being caught will allow them to bow out entirely from the unsatisfying relationship.

For those lovers that are trusting of their partners, cheating may seem unimaginable.  They look for excuses to explain away the hints and clues that a cheater always leaves behind.  They may fear confrontation and wait until they have absolute proof.  A psychic reading can help discover that truth and put a stop to that feeling of doubt.

You not only will find out the truth about your partner, you may also find out truths about yourself.  Lovers who have been cheated on in the past are often hyper vigilant of cheating behaviours, even when none exist.  The psychic reading will unearth your trust issues and help you to overcome them.  This can be a great way to start while your looking to re-building positive love relationships in the future.

Jealousy, fear and a lack of trust will destroy a relationship before it starts.  If you are having those feelings, consulting with a psychic will get to the root of the issue and let you know if those feelings are valid.

Whether cheating exists or not, uncovering the truth with the help of a psychic as soon as possible gives you the courage you need to confront the issue. You may either repair those flaws that are holding you back from true love, or discover that the one who you thought was your true love no longer is.

If you are affected in a cheating relationship, maybe a family member, close friend, seek guidance from one of our experienced love psychics today!