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The Law of Attraction in Action

Posted on February 29, 2020 by Psychic Ruby

law of attraction in action

­The Law of Attraction (LOA)

 The law of attraction is something which is heard more frequently in this day and age. But what exactly is it? Well, the Law of Attraction is a universal energy or force and natural law based on the principles of energy, frequency and vibration.

It can be summed up as the following:

  • Energy goes where awareness flows!
  • Like attracts like.
  • Karma is real, everything is an exchange of energy…
  • Your mindset creates your reality.
  • What you give attention to, either negative or positive, will come back to you like a ripple effect…

This is the fundamental basics of the law of attraction.

It is essentially the way you interact with the world and with yourself. Your thoughts create feelings which in turn lead to actions, finally ending with results or effects. The way you think, feel and perceive, combined with your emotions and beliefs, shape everything in your daily reality. You must have heard of the saying “like attracts like”?  The Law of attraction is in synergy with this.

So, positive thinking and a positive mindset can lead to positive experiences and interactions.  Negative thinking, emotions and mindset leads to negativity manifesting in your life. This is the “basic foundation,” anyway! This is the root and starting block off which the Law of attraction works and operates.

The Law of Attraction, in action

In addition to the basic and foundational rule explained above, the Law of attraction is slightly more complex. In addition to your mindset and positive or negative thinking, your overall frequency contributes to the level of success, abundance and manifestation in your life.

The expression, energy goes where awareness flows fits perfectly here. Combine with mindset, visualization, belief, purity of thought and emotion, genuinity, sincerity and authenticity are essential factors in the Law of attraction. Quite simply, the universe knows- it knows when you are insincere or when you are trying to manipulate others and situations for your own benefit.

And this is the key with the law of attraction, you need to be sincere and you need to speak, act and feel with integrity and from the heart. Deceit and manipulation doesn’t work with natural laws and universal forces; your thoughts, intentions and true feelings ripple out. It is very important to be mindful of this.

So, if you want to utilize the law of attraction for best effect you need to be a sincere person. If something is truly in alignment with your best self, and if it will enhance your life experience, health or sense of personal joy and fortune (without causing harm to another or going against your integrity) the Law of attraction will almost certainly work in your favor.

This brings us onto the final aspect.

Gratitude and the “higher mind,” or higher self

Gratitude is a fundamental element to the Law of attraction. Gratitude instantly shifts your vibration and aligns you with universal harmony. When you are genuinely thankful and appreciative of all of your blessings, you are in a place of love, receptivity and inner contentment. You are more able to receive and be open to the beauty and abundance of a benevolent universe.

Gratitude is a magnetic force.

The other major aspect is the presence of your higher mind, which is also known as the higher self. The higher self and mind is responsible for all aspects of intuition and intuitive thought, psychic ability and perception, spiritual awareness, advanced spiritual gifts (such as telepathy and evolved forms of empathy), and the ability to connect to your subconscious mind such as in dream states.

The higher mind is your highest potential, the best possible version of yourself. It is where the qualities such as compassion, empathy and self- awareness can arise, and where you begin to see, feel and think in a way that is unified and in harmony with the planet and universe as a whole.

It can also connect you to the divine and spirit, the higher power above and beyond a limited “I” or egocentric reality.

Henceforth, the law of attraction is a magical thing once attuned to and aligned with. Self- alignment is key.

Real life applications

So now you are familiar with the law of attraction, you must already sense how and when you can apply it. Career, work, passion projects, relationships, health and well- being can all be benefited from with the law of attraction. You need to connect with your higher self and mind for optimum effect, as without a sense of spiritual awareness and connection the universe may not work in your favor. At the very least, you need to actively practice gratitude.

Money manifestation

To manifest financial prosperity and abundance, you need to shift your mindset to abundance. Even if your bank account is low, for example, the key to utilizing the law of attraction is to not dwell on the feelings of loss and lack, but to shift your mindset to abundance and prosperity. Physical reality is essentially an illusion- it is our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, the power of our minds, which give rise to physical reality. This is a key teaching of the Law of attraction.

Career and relationships manifestation

You need to visualize and picture what you want. Meditation can really aid in this, or more specifically mindful meditation. This allows you to fill yourself up with source energy, with empty space and raw creative potential. It is from this emptiness and space where matter arises, through the power of your mind, thoughts, intentions and inner currents.

Thus, you can literally visualize your ideal relationship or job and amplify the Law of attraction’s effect by combining visualization with meditation & mindfulness. (You can also do the same for money, resources, financial abundance and new opportunities!)

Finally, a combination of visualization, mindfulness, affirmations, sound healing, vibration- raising activities, transcendental meditation, spiritual awareness, and intuition strengthening can all help you to connect to the powers of the law of attraction for best results. These tools and techniques can be applied for virtually anything in your life. Beautiful stuff!

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