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How to get your ex back (follow these 7 steps!)

Posted on February 8, 2020 by Psychic Corrina

how to get your ex back?

How to get your ex back?

If you have experienced deep and true love you will know just how magical and blissful an experience it can be.

Romantic, intimate and sexual partners are here to show us parts of ourselves and to help us grow, and this is especially true if you have been blessed with a soulmate as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Relationships can make us feel alive, full of energy and the universal life force that flows through this world and the earth, and confident and self- expressive.

They can even connect us to expanded and evolved creativity, imaginative self- expression and unique artistic or intellectual gifts and talents. Quite simply, love is the fuel to our inner flames.

So, when this “light goes out,” this often leaves us feeling disconnected from ourselves and the world around.

We may possess a strong intuitive knowing and internal pull- an instinctual force birthed from both physicality and the higher self saying that we are meant to be with this person, and that the breakup or split is only temporary. You should always listen to your heart and higher self (the higher mind!) and follow your inner joy and bliss.

Without further ado, here are the most powerful and profound ways to attract an ex back into your life and rekindle the flame.

1.Self- love is key

Possibly the most important thing to be aware of is the significance of self- love. When you love yourself, your inner vibration ripples out and affects your external reality.

People pick up on the love and respect you have for yourself, they can feel your subtle intentions, emotional well – being and mental- psychological state of health and harmony.

With self- love one gives out an aura or demeanour, stating “I am content and blissful within my own self and being. I love myself and am worthy, possess amazing self- esteem, and am kind to myself. I have self- compassion and self- awareness and seek to treat others with the same love and adoration I give to myself.” It is a beautiful quality and frequency to have and hold and one which is incredibly attractive!

Please note self- love should not be confused with narcissism or egocentricity. To have self- love is to actively and consciously engage in self- care and spiritual enhancement and perception.

You begin to see yourself and the world in a conscious, loving, interconnected and empowered way, with compassion and empathy as the foundation. Narcissism is defined by selfishness and self- centeredness as the motivation of all actions and behaviours.

Narcissists are primarily focused on the “I” or ego and live to serve themselves, often at the expense of others. Their “self- love” is also delusional- it is not rooted in beauty, honesty or empathy but in a distorted perception of self and reality which further allows them to treat others in less than kind and pure ways. Self- love is the complete opposite.

2. A Positive mindset

 Health is a state of mind. Mind is a state of frequency. The law of attraction (LOA) works on the natural laws of vibration and frequency. The significance? A positive healthy mindset is a key ingredient in your capacity for success!

Engaging in meditation, mindfulness, sound therapy and healing, soulwork, self- development through metaphysics, spirituality and philosophy, and techniques such as neuro- linguistic programming or self- therapy will shift your conscious mind from negative to positive, pessimistic to optimistic, and suffering from lack or “poverty consciousness” to abundance and prosperity consciousness.

Consciousness is the basis of mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is also the foundation for love and success in living your best life, or becoming the best version of yourself.

Once we start to shift the way we perceive, think and feel, we begin to actively change and affect physical reality- and this includes relationships. Authentic bonds and connections can be formed, or re- formed, through a positive mindset.

Hint: Don’t confuse positivity and optimism with ignorance or avoidance. There is a difference between choosing to overlook and repress or avoid real problems or issues, and mindfully- with full awareness- choose to see things in an optimistic light. Being positive involves an internal shift in perception and conscious awareness.

3. Learn to adapt and embrace the journey

 The ability to adapt and be flexible is paramount in attracting your ex. So is surrendering to the journey. If you are always living in the future or a “when” or “what if” scenario, how can you expect to enjoy life in the present?

All manifestation starts in the now- in each current moment. When you feel good you attract more of the same. Being content, peaceful and happy by yourself is essential to achieving happiness in a relationship. Also, recognizing that everything happens in divine timing can help you to embody self- acceptance.

What if you are meant to be together but one or both partners needed to do some healing, self- development and learning? Life involves growth and cycles and nothing is transient! But everything is transient and this teaching should be applied to the period of separation you and your soulmate or sweetheart experience. Surrender, be adaptable and embrace the journey. Your time is coming!

4. Accept your own shadow

 The shadow self and its acceptance is integral to rekindling a flame and coming back together with your lover once more. It has been mentioned many times but needs to be shared again; we all have a light and a dark, a shine and a shadow.

The shadow self is the parts of personality and self often undesired, repressed and denied- the parts we may see as dark, impure or unholy. Yet the shadow self is a fundamental part of being human, it is part of the human experience!

Accepting and also taking steps to embody, balance and integrate your shadow self is therefore highly important to your capacity for true love and intimacy. A lot of sexual fantasies and desires, including lust and eroticism, are associated with the shadow self. It is the denial or repression of such things that leads to imbalance and a lot of the problems we see today in sexual and intimate partnerships.

5. Heal yourself!

 Just like self- love and accepting your shadow healing yourself is another key pointer. Healing is wholeness and we can’t expect to be harmonious, happy and healthy in a relationship if we are not these things inside first.

Self- healing includes self- care- massage, taking relaxing baths with essential oils, reading and having you time, immersing yourself in fun creative and artistic expression, going on peaceful nature walks, self- therapy such as meditation and sound therapy, and generally being kind and gentle to yourself.

Soul searching and “shadow work” can also be extremely profound in your healing journey, and this refers to exploring your subconscious and shadow self through the use of dreams, journaling and introspective activities. Your subconscious mind is linked closely to emotions and hidden or behind the scenes beliefs, feelings and internal currents.

Getting to the root and truth of these unseen motivational forces and factors will open you up to new pathways for health, well- being and self- awareness- the key ingredients to any successful and sparkling relationship.

6. Become your own soulmate, best friend and lover…

 Soulmates is something which need to be acknowledged. We have toxic love and soulmate love; “karmic” love where we are still plagued by lower vibrational behaviors and thinking patterns, and “higher” love where connection operates on a higher frequency functioning.

To attract the ideal partner you must first be the ideal partner, and vice versa. No- one likes someone who is possessive, overly- jealous, bitter and argumentative or mean- spirited.

Qualities such as empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence and depth, inner beauty, intelligence, intuition, kindness and sincerity are deeply beautiful and attractive.

Unless you are hoping to get back with a narcissist (and we really hope you aren’t!) no- one will think these things weird, strange or undesirable- unless, again, you are dealing with someone of an immature mental and emotional capacity. Thus, to rekindle the flame you need to be your own best friend and lover.

Soulmates are here to teach us about parts of ourselves and then ultimately share in that love and awareness. Furthermore, being confident, self- assured and soulfully independent are extremely attractive qualities to possess. Knowing thyself is sexy!

7. Follow Your Passion(s)

 Finally- but certainly not any less significant, a person who follows their passion and lives by their truth is one of the most attractive and magnetic characteristics anyone could hope to embody.

Passion is the spark of life, the seed of desire, and the catalyst for positive and exciting change. Without passion, life can become stagnant and un-zestful lacking in life and vitality. And your partner picks up on this…

Step into the super- confident, optimistic, joyful, self- expressive, wise and perceptive person that you are. Be soulful, serious and ambitious, playful and light- hearted, intuitive and sensual.

Live your life with grace and self- autonomy whilst also opening yourself to authentic connection and depth… Be affectionate, loving, kind and wise. Most importantly, take steps to heal and step fully into your divine and empowered self. Self- love is the key.

If  your looking to gain more insight into your relationship, connect with a love psychic today.  Zenory offers online chat psychic readings, and online call psychic readings at your convenience.

Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Psychic Zen

do soulmates separate and reunite?

Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

The Soulmate experience is always challenging, and there are lots of myths associated with this kind of connection.

There’s a very widespread misunderstanding that Soulmate relationships are meant to be and that, regardless of the circumstance, the two Soulmates will find a way to be together and live happily ever after but that is not always true.

While Soulmate relationships share a deep connection and intensity and you may feel like you can’t live without your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that they are meant to be.

Do soulmates always re-unite?

A Soulmate will enter your life when the time is right, but they may not necessarily stay.  There are different reasons for soulmate separations.  One of the most common is bad timing.  When one of the soulmates involved, or even both soulmates, are not in the right place to enter this relationship.

In other cases, there are chances for a posterior reunion and some cases there won’t be.   It is true as well that sometimes, the intensity of the soulmate connection is just too intense and one of the soulmates feels overwhelmed, returning later – or not – to the soulmate connection at all.

It is important to remember that we are here to live the human experience, and often, the ego is in control of the decision making.

A Soulmate can often sometimes be abusive or un-deserving of our commitment, and in this case, separating from your soulmate is the best thing that you can do for yourself, and your soulmate.

Doing this may actually increase your changes of the reunite, the space can bring more clarity and give the soulmate a chance to miss you.

Another reason for separation one of the Soulmates may not be interested in the sort of intense connection or relationship, or they may have chose or feel comfortable to stay single, in which case, the soulmate separation is also a strong possibility.

It is vital to remember that the whole point of the Soulmate journey is focused on our own individual growth and not necessarily the pursuit of a romantic relationship.

If you have to go through the soulmate separation of your Soulmate, final or not, keep in mind that you can still find blissful joy and happiness in another relationship and that you are worthy of someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

If your looking to gain more insights into your soulmate or understand the intensity of the soulmate connection, it maybe helpful to consider a soulmate psychic reading with a online psychic at Zenory.

What To Do When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready For You?

Posted on July 18, 2019 by Psychic Corrina

soulmate isn't ready

What To Do When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready For You?

Soulmate relationships are almost invariably complicated at best. The worst part and feeling is when your soulmate isn’t ready for you, this can suck a really big one.

And there are times in which, no matter how strong the soulmate connection we feel is, the person on the other end is just not ready. This is, for sure, an extremely frustrating situation.

Your soulmate connection is so strong and so real that you cannot fathom how the other person seems to be oblivious to it, and it gets really hard to let go of trying to control the situation.

It is never easy to go through this process, but it can help if you see it as an opportunity.   

Soulmate Lesson

One of the main lessons we get through a soulmate relationship that quite often goes ignored is that they are not meant to merely satisfy you emotionally, but to push you to grow, and growth is quite often difficult.

It is as well crucial to remember that even though you share a made-above connection, you are still individuals on your own seperate journey, and you only have control over your own experience.

For these reasons, the best thing to do when your soulmate isn’t ready for you, is to shift the focus from trying to change their perception, to your own experience and personal development.

If your soulmate is not ready for you, there is a misalignment, but it will not resolve until you work out your own issues. Your soulmate connection cannot be severed, so you need to let go of the urge to keep the relationship going at all costs and embrace divine timing, along with touching base with your own spirit.

Soulmate journeys will always bring change, development and progress.

When your soulmate isn’t ready, your best shot is to continue this journey in faith and strength, leading the way and trusting the process.

Talk to a soulmate psychic

Still need some clarity around your soulmate readiness? 

Touch base with a soulmate psychic.   A soulmate psychic reading can help you reach that elation by pointing you in the right direction. It can also be used to find clarity in your current soulmate relationship and the feelings and intention from your soulmate.

Soulmate psychics can connect with the energy between you and your soulmate to identify the soul connection that the both of you share.

Through a soulmate reading you will gain the clarity and insight behind the deeper connection and gain the power to move you forward and out of the rut.

Twin Flame – Nourishing Your Flame To Find Its Twin

Posted on March 8, 2015 by Trinity Rose


 As an individual, you are burning as a half.   Somewhere out there is your twin flame whose presence in your life is the one thing that will make you feel complete. Once you connect with that person, the heights of joy your heart and soul feel are incomparable.

Would you recognize your twin flame if you met on the street today? A twin flame reading will help you determine if the love in your life is that burning flame, or working towards extinguishing yours.

How Would You Know if You Found Your Twin Flame?

We interconnect with dozens of people daily, some who make an impact in our life fleetingly, some not at all, and others who we just can’t get out of our head. It is those people who inexplicably make your heart race that could be flirting with your flame.

An encounter with your twin flame will fill your soul with completeness. You may find yourself short of breath or suddenly in a mental fog. A twin soul reading helps to clarify whether those feelings were momentary rushes, or if that is the flame that your soul is searching for.

A twin flame psychic reading will identify almost immediately if the love in your life now is indeed your twin flame. Your twin flame is going to complement your personal strengths and weaknesses, being overwhelmingly attractive to you and above all else, fill a void in your life.

If you are having problems attracting your twin flame, a psychic reading will help you move in the right direction. For two halves of one soul to find each other, both need to burn brightly on their own. You have to learn how to project a loving and welcoming soul in order for its twin to be able to find it. A true twin flame connection can only exist if both are parts of a complete person. Learn how to be happy with yourself first, in order to feel that exhilarating connection when you join flames with your other half.

Once you do think your twin flame has been located, you should feel an instantaneous elation. If you are having doubts, or worry that this is an infatuation rather than a soul connection, the twin flame reading will assist in uncovering the truth. Why waste precious energy on relationships that are not meant to be, while your twin flame is still out there searching for you?

Explore your spirituality with the help of our live psychic readers and learn how to nourish your own soul. Once you are able to allow it to connect, your flame and its twin will come together in harmony.


How can you tell if you are spiritually connected

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Trinity Rose


How can you tell if you are spiritually connected?

You have been going out for some time now.  Everything just seems to be perfect.  You like each very other very much.  You share a love for the same food.   You share good laughs.  You talk until the early morning.  One look and you already know each other’s thoughts.

That feeling like you have finally found the missing piece in your life and things have fallen right into place.  But for some reason, something is missing and you can’t figure it out.  If you still have this empty feeling, chances are you and your partner might not be spiritually connected.

Discovering Spiritual Connection

If you are dating someone who has all the qualities in your checklist of a perfect match, it is not a guarantee that both of you are suited for each other. A relationship is not something superficial. More than the worldly desires and the physical needs, a good relationship is something between two persons whose attraction goes deep down the surface, right into the soul.

Spiritually connected couples are not only puzzle pieces that fit perfectly – they have this strong bond that makes two become one. This is the very reason why they say that love needs chemistry, wherein two elements are combined to create one unified whole.

How to Identify a Spiritual Connection

This kind of connection goes way down a deeper level when you feel very close to a person in the same way that you feel towards the members of your family.  It’s the feeling of knowing that person all your life or maybe you really do.

When you are spiritually connected, you get to become more comfortable with one another. There are no pretense and wearing of any mask. You just let the real you show because deep down, you know that the person will still completely accept you for who you are. Spiritual connection is not only about sharing the same hobbies or interests or ideologies. It is about having the same principles, values and points of view.

Spiritual Connection and Its Essence in Your Relationship

There is really no way to tell if you and your partner are spiritually connected and you can’t even tell if you will really have a “chemical reaction” or if it will even last. The only thing that you can do is to try to know more about one another and the relationship a chance to bloom.

But then again, having a spiritual connection is never an assurance of a lifetime together and there will even be cases when letting go is the best solution. So, the only thing left for you to do is to take care of the relationship, take care of one another and together, face the challenges that will come your way. If things do not work out, learn to accept, move on and believe that somewhere out there, you might find the perfect person that will be in sync with your soul.

Soulmate Relationship Challenges: What You Need To Know

Posted on by Psychic Nori


Soulmate Relationship Challenges

Many of you have probably grown up hearing the word soulmatesSoulmate relationship challenges are there to test us.  Soulmate relationships are no easy task. 

 What is a soulmate?  A soulmate is that one person that will come to your life who will know and understand all your unspoken thoughts.  Someone who will feel what you feel and love you completely, wholly, with no questions asked.

The vision of two people falling deep into this kind of connection is definitely wonderful but this belief also happened to be the number one reason why a lot of relationships failed, with both parties going separate ways.

Travelling on a primrose path is beautiful but remember that life is not good all the time.  Meeting your soul mate is not an assurance that you will no longer have to go through challenges and that your relationship will be “hurt-free.”

For a relationship to work, it takes two people fighting to make things work.

Here are several unique challenges that soulmates need to face together.  Discover how you can make it through these storms to see a brighter and sunny day ahead.

Doubts and Uncertainties during a soul mate relationship 

There will always be instances when things do not go well as planned and when it happens, sometimes, you might wonder if it was your fault. Even when you found your soul mate, being doubtful can wreck havoc on any relationship.

Doubting your relationship will lead to different mental roadblocks, large boulders that will hinder you from moving forward. Once you convinced yourself that things are useless or hopeless, that’s exactly what will happen.

You refuse to work out on the problems and you end up using these as your excuse to justify for the mistake you made. Whether soul mates or not, couples musty also make the effort to solve issues right away instead of crying for the things that did not happen.

Unrealistic Expectations in your soul mate relationship 

Love is not always a joyful thing because there will always be troubles along the way.

Yes, you might be soul mates but it is not a guarantee that you will have a smooth and worry-free ride in your relationships. One of the most common challenges in soul mate relationships is when one or both parties think that they have a perfect relationship.

Just like normal couples, you and your soul mate will fight every now and then and disagree on some things. Remember, being soul mates does not remove your being humans and as humans, part of your natural behaviour is to make some mistakes.

Raging Passion 

When you’ve found your soul mate, you tend to love and care for each other deeply. This deep sense of caring can stir passion, and sometimes, this passion can go from a simple spark to raging flames that can devour you both.

Caring for someone so much can be good and bad because the more you care, the more hurt you will be if your partner lashes out. More investments mean more to lose if things do not work out.

Terrifying as it might be, the secret here is to always keep your feelings in check and never let your passion consume you to the point of doing things that you are not supposed to do.

Closing the Chapter

Probably the most hurtful out of all soul mate relationship challenges is the part when you finally realised that the relationship is going nowhere. Despite your bond, you and your soul mate are still two persons who have your own attitude, perceptions and beliefs.

When one party has been damaged or has issues on communicating, chances are the relationship will come to an end.

It might be hard to let go but sometimes, it’s for the best.

Letting go means being brave and accepting the fact that being soulmates is not a guarantee that your relationship will be a happily ever after.

Talk to a love psychic about how you can manage a soulmate relationship challenge.  A soulmate psychic reading at Zenory can help guide you through every step of the way when facing these kind of relationship challenges.

A psychic reading will help you clear up any uneasy feelings you maybe facing.

Have you encountered a challenging relationship with your soulmate recently?