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The Fool – The Marjor Arcana

Posted on June 20, 2015 by Psychic Safina

the fool major arcana

The Fool is the leaper and leaps into the unknown because his spirit craves a new experience, an adventure that he must embark upon regardless of the outcome.  This urge feels like an itch that must be scratched…

The Planet Uranus rules the Fool and ushers him into a new condition or lifestyle, showing that he has the need for freedom, and warning that change comes upon him abruptly. As the planet of change, Uranus carries the reputation of a rebel, for progress is inevitable, and Uranus never abandons the path until it has secured the change. The Planet Uranus brings the Fool into sudden unexpected changes and makes him explore new opportunities!

0: The Fool (Rider-Waite)

Meet the Fool. He is enumerated 0 in the tarot deck. The Fool does not have an address because he is the open traveler in search of a new experience, or of an unexpected experience that will be forced upon him that brings a new opportunity!

The Fool has a quest, a dream to realize, and under its spell he is naive, adventurous, and fearless. This youthful way of thinking is something we lose as age overtakes us, and as we age, we begin to fear change. However, the Fool thinks with a young, innocent mind, as one for whom new experiences hold no dread. Rather than sitting idly and waiting for life to come to him, he pursues it with vigor and lives life to the fullest!

His specialty is leaping into unexplored, unknown territories. He represents new beginnings, and unexpected changes.

Astrologically, he is related to the Aquarius zodiac sign (social, different, sometimes unemotional and rebellious).

His astrological relatives are the Planets Uranus (unpredictable events, and unexpected sudden changes), and Saturn (new lessons to learn through trial and error).

Upright Position. You will leap into the unknown without fear of what lies ahead, or something will suddenly fall into your lap that brings a new opportunity.

Note: This card also tells you that you have made a few mistakes in the past. However, you have learned from those experiences, for without experience there can be no growth. The Fool represents growing into the person that you need to become as we all do throughout our life experiences. Everyone makes mistakes, but from making mistakes comes wisdom.

The Fool heralds a new path with all its twists and turns, leading to a new unexpected change, and a new opportunity.

Timing: Shockingly unexpected, immediate, or 1 – 30 days.

The Planet Uranus Brings Unexpected Changes 

When the Planet Uranus leaps into a house that it has not explored before in your birth chart, you will experience unexpected life changes. Some of these changes might be amazing, but some of these changes might be hard to accept. Later, after you have accepted the change, you will finally see the beauty in this change because it brings you into a new opportunity, and into the future! Uranus is the planet of the future, and not the past.

When I see the Planet Uranus transiting through my birth chart, I always ask this question… Why are you here ? Have you ever looked back and thought about the changes you went through every seven years? Here is a list of the changes I went through and here is my Tarot Story.

What’s yours?

Age of 7: At the age of 7, I had my tonsils taken out! Uranus was opposite my Midheaven, leaping into my second house of assets. This transit showed that the expense of my operation was going to be a financial burden for my parents.

The Four of Swords: This was the time to rest and heal after the operation!

Age of 14: At the age of 14, my parents bought a new home, and I was forced to move to a new city. I had to leave all my friends, change schools and it was hard.  Uranus was leaping into my 4th house of home, signifying a big change with the home I lived in!

The Nine of Swords: I was forced to leave my past environment behind!

Age of 21:  At the age of 21, my boyfriend and I bought a home together. At that time…

Uranus was in my 4th house of home, and Uranus was leaping into the sign of Sagittarius, and my boyfriend was a Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules my 5th house, the area of my romantic partners. This transit showed a big change with my home, and it was related to my Sagittarius partner.

The Four of Wands: The celebration of moving into a new home!

Age of 28:  At the age of 28, I got married, and Uranus was in my 5th house of romantic partnerships. The 5th house also leads to marriage, and it did!

The Two of Cups: The wedding!

Age of 35:  At the age of 35, I got laid off from my job, and Uranus was in my 6th house of work. The company I worked for had to relocate to another state, and I had to start over again and find a new job.

The Five of Pentacles:  Financial loss!

Age of 42:  At the age of 42, my marriage ended and I went through a divorce, and at that time, Uranus was located in my 7th house of marriage.

The Tower: The ending of my marriage!

 Age of 49:  At the age of 49, my fiancé had to go away to protect his life because he had death threats! Uranus was in my 8th house of endings and rebirth.

The Five of Cups:  A painful loss of a romantic relationship!

Age of 56:  At the age of 56, Uranus was moving through my 9th house of higher education, spirituality, and the uncharted area that I had not explored, and my old career suddenly ended! I started a new spiritual career and started reading for clients using the Tarot, Astrology Charts and my Psychic abilities.

The Hierophant: I started working in a spiritual career to help others, and this career threw me into a lifelong study.

Note: There are hidden prophecies related to Tarot cards that are enumerated five. These cards represent the time of an unknown, unexpected change being revealed. The universe will redirect your path and change the direction you are headed, a sometimes painful experience. The Hierophant holds the keys to secret knowledge and the hidden prophecy.