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Chakra psychic readings can be cleansing and balancing. There are 7 Chakras. They affect us physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. If our Chakras are out of balance we can throw ourselves out of whack and create blockages which slow us down.

Because energy is not able to then flow freely through us, we wind up feeling depressed or sluggish. We may even become ill or have zero motivation and feel stuck and powerless. Chakra psychic readings can tell you if you're Chakras need to be healed and balanced. This can help to harmonize and allow the flow of new energy. 

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Chakras can be healed and balanced in different ways. Crystals, along with meditation, placed over or on the chakra which can help to remove the blockages.

Another way would be through massage. Special attention to the feet during a massage is key. Bad eating habits and exercise may be what has affected chakras in a negative way.

Chakra readings are available at Zenory.  You can contact one of our gifted spiritual readers to obtain a online psychic reading about your chakras.  Beginning a healthier eating and exercise regimen can do wonders to restore balance and remove blockages also. 

The names of the seven Chakras are as follows: 

The root chakra, crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. 

The blockage symptoms for each one are different. Be sure to tell them to you psychic during your reading so they can best determine which of yours need balancing and healing. 

Chakra psychic readings can help your relationships, career, and can really help you maintain balance and harmony of your mind, body and soul

When either your mind, body or soul is out of balance, it automatically creates imbalances in the others as well. 

Getting a psychic reading with our gifted psychics can create a better sense of well being and energy throughout all areas of your life.