Psychic Anaisa

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My name is Psychic Anaisa, I am a natural born psychic-medium and clairvoyant.

As a spiritual advisor I've worked openly with the public as a spiritual to provide answers, guidance, and support to those seeking my help. The root of my abilities to see, sense, and hear beyond the physical come from a spiritual practice I was born into deriving from Afro-Caribbean and Taino Indian descent.

My reading style is direct, straightforward, and compassionate all in one. Giving comfort while delivering the truth are very natural traits to me.

I can connect quickly with just a name, a voice, or a question, when reading with me you will notice that I can easily flow into details while picking up on thoughts, emotions, events, prominent information on past, present, and/or future. I will always forward the messages as true and as "raw" as they are shown and said to me by my spiritual guides, I guide myself by this in every session, in every way.

I can assure you my honesty, my desire to help, and my genuine intentions, so long as you allow me to connect with you with you by being open to what my guides and I have to say to you.