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Tarot readings can be a good way to learn more about your relationships with other people. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Sometimes, we can have a relationship that is spiritually guided for a higher purpose, these are known as soulmate relationships. You cannot know straight away if someone you are developing a relationship with is a soulmate. Because of this, spiritual guidance from forms such as love tarots can help people to learn the meanings of their relationships. 

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Psychic Rekha

$5.50 NZD / min

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empathic


HONEST & TRUSTED GUIDANCE THROUGH TAROT & NUMEROLOGY I will only give you honest readings, specialising in Tarot with a combination of Numerology and Astrology to give you the insights you need to empower you in your sit... Read more

Psychic Zen

$5.50 NZD / min

Empath, Clairvoyant

Straightforward, Compassionate

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP EXPERT - HIGHLY INTUITIVE - HONEST INSIGHTS Psychic Reader of past, present and future. Tarot card readings. Energy healing. Empathy healing. Crystal channeling. Visions. Bachelor of Psychology. Dream Analysis. Read more

Corrina White

$5.50 NZD / min

Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empathic

Straightforward, Compassionate

CELEBRITY PSYCHIC ~ GETS TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER VERY QUICKLY Psychic Corrina will get to the point very quickly as she guides you out of the chaos. As a Tarot and Soulmate expert with more then 15 years experience she WILL empo... Read more

Psychic Safina

$5.50 NZD / min

Tarot Master, Psychic Visionary, Astrologer


MASTER TAROT & WORLD RENOWED 3RD GENERATION PSYCHIC READER Psychic Safina is a 3rd Generation Psychic descended through her mother and grandmother. I draw my unique messages using a combination of the Tarot, Astrology and my ... Read more

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How Do Tarot Readings Determine Soulmates

Tarot cards are an effective way to determine the deeper meaning of your relationships with others. Tarot cards come in many different decks that work in similar ways. Your psychic will have a deck that they are most familiar with, which they will ask you to draw a number of cards from. Depending on the set, these cards may represent different things. For a soulmate reading, it’s important to be thinking of the person you are querying about when you pick your cards, and the resulting reading will be angled towards them.

Your psychic will be able to interpret the cards you have chosen from the deck. They will provide you with an in-depth reading about multiple aspects of your relationship with a person. Each tarot position refers to a different aspect. For example, the first cards will represent how you perceive yourself and how you perceive your potential soulmate. Each card will represent things such as obstacles, circumstantial factors, perceptions of others and the perception of the universe. They will all combine to give a holistic understanding of your relationship with the person you are getting a reading for. 

What Can You Learn from a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Your psychic will be able to interpret the cards holistically, so even though individually they may sound cryptic or difficult to understand, the reading you get will be translated in a way that is easier for lay people to understand. Your reading may tell you things you already knew, or you may feel a sense of familiarity with the results. This is because they are already happening in your life right now, a tarot just confirms that what you are experiencing is the path the universe has put you on.

Based on this, tarot’s have the potential to deliver a prediction about the future of your relationship, or the spiritual purpose of your relationship. This can help you to identify why your soulmate has come into your life. It is important to understand the true meaning of soulmates at this point: a soulmate is someone who comes into your life so that you may learn an important lesson from them. They are not necessarily the person you are meant to be with forever, and soulmate relationships can still be messy or painful.

Soulmate Love Tarot Readings with Zenory 

If you’re looking to learn more about your relationships with others, getting a tarot reading can be an effective method. Get a tarot reading online today through trusted love tarot readers at Zenory. Choose from one of our many soulmate tarot psychics and find out if you have a soulmate today.