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Our mind, body and soul are at the core of our entire health and well-being. They are each interconnected to provide us with a self that is whole and in touch with the universe around us.

It's important that we keep our mind, body and soul in balance with one another, and focus every day on maintaining this balance. If we choose to ignore one of these three things, the other two will become out of alignment and have harmful effects.

Without having balance in our mind, body, and soul we tend to feel a little "off" and out of sync. If you are feeling out of alignment - a psychic reading can often point you in the right direction and give you a sense of release

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Psychic Rekha

$5.50 NZD / min

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empathic


HONEST & TRUSTED GUIDANCE THROUGH TAROT & NUMEROLOGY I will only give you honest readings, specialising in Tarot with a combination of Numerology and Astrology to give you the insights you need to empower you in your sit... Read more

Psychic Safina

$5.50 NZD / min

Tarot Master, Psychic Visionary, Astrologer


MASTER TAROT & WORLD RENOWED 3RD GENERATION PSYCHIC READER Psychic Safina is a 3rd Generation Psychic descended through her mother and grandmother. I draw my unique messages using a combination of the Tarot, Astrology and my ... Read more

Psychic Zen

$5.50 NZD / min

Empath, Clairvoyant

Straightforward, Compassionate

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP EXPERT - HIGHLY INTUITIVE - HONEST INSIGHTS Psychic Reader of past, present and future. Tarot card readings. Energy healing. Empathy healing. Crystal channeling. Visions. Bachelor of Psychology. Dream Analysis. Read more

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If either your mind, body, and soul or all three need realignment, our gifted psychics can help you restore balance in your life.

Why We Need Complete Balance

Our Mind is present in the most important organ in our body – the brain. Without this, we would not be the living beings that we are. Our mind needs to be fuelled with knowledge and satisfaction daily in order to feel fulfilled.

Our Body is our physical being. This is probably the first thing you think of when you think of health, and it is true that it is incredibly important to have a healthy body. We can achieve this through exercise, healthy eating and avoiding physical harm or injury.

Our Soul is the center of our emotions, it is at the core of our being. We have a healthy soul when we are surrounded by emotions, environments and relationships that make us happy, and are free of harmul toxins.

Each of these three corners of our internal temple must be in balance with one another for our lives to be on the right track. If one becomes neglected, as much as we may choose to often ignore this, it will eventually cause all three pillars to tumble.

For example, although healthy eating and exercise is important, over-exercising or dramatic dieting can cause our mind to stop processing information properly, and our soul to become negative as our physical health becomes obsessive.

If our mind is not being fuelled with knowledge, we may feel unfulfilled and our soul may become depressed. Depression often has a hugely negative effect on our physical health, as we need positive motivation to be physically healthy.

Restore Your Mind, Body and Soul

If you find that you have been neglecting one area of your self, a psychic reading can help to restore it. Not many people notice when their self-balance is off, and they may just feel a little out of sync, or that things are going wrong for no reason. A psychic reading can help you identify which area of your self needs improvement, and guide you with concrete, actionable steps to help you restore balance.

A Mind, Body and Soul Reading with Zenory

Our psychics are available through an online psychic reading and can help you find the path towards achieving and maintaining the proper balance of your mind, body, and soul.

All it takes to start on the path towards a good balance mind, body and soul is a chat session with one of our sites gifted psychic readers. Talk to us today and help get your mind, body, and soul in harmony.