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There are many types of spiritual and supernatural gifts in the Universe, each with their own unique gift. Psychic mediums are gifted with the ability to serve others through the process of Mediumship, by bridging the gap of communication between the living and the deceased. Their gift allows them to become in tune with the spirit world, allowing them to become an intermediary between our world and the world of the deceased.

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Mediumship carries extreme importance to help aid the grieving process, and to learn more about ourselves and our world. Here, Zenory offers a range of online psychic mediums that are all gifted with the ability to serve your specific needs. Communicate with a psychic medium via chat or phone easily: find the perfect medium for your unique needs here!

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History of Psychic Mediumship 

Evidence of individuals using this special gift date back to the earliest days of human history, from cave drawings depicting scenes of death and the afterlife, to biblical stories of connecting with spirits such as the story of the Witch of Endor from the Book of Samuel. Psychic readings with psychic mediums have become much more popular since the beginnings of the 19th century, as many more people have turned to spiritualism as an explanation for higher power, and more begin to question traditional religious explanations of death and the afterlife.

Spiritualism is the belief that we not only exist after death, but that our spirits continue to evolve and learn, and therefore can hold answers to difficult moral and ethical decisions. Psychic mediums are the key to communicating with these spirits, and by doing so we not only reconnect with those we have lost, we can also potentially gain wisdom and advice from them which spans beyond our own worldly intellect. 

The Value of a Psychic Medium’s Gifts 

While there have been and continue to be many skeptics of this spiritual gift, there are also legions of individuals who have experienced a psychic reading with a psychic medium and know with absolute certainty that their experience allowed them to communicate with a deceased loved one, family member or friend.

Those who know the delight, peace of mind and closure that such a reading with a psychic medium may provide also know that it can be one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences of one’s lifetime. Many people have been able to get answers to questions previously thought unanswerable due to an unfortunate passing.

How Do Psychic Mediums Communicate?

Many others describe their experience in being able to communicate with a deceased loved one, family member or friend through a psychic medium as the beginning of, or an integral part of, their own spiritual journey on the way to a more fulfilling, productive, happy and healthy life.

It is important to know that not all psychic mediums receive the gift of communication with the spiritual realm in the same way, but all ways of communication can be of value. Most frequently psychic mediums are able to “hear” or “channel” messages by picking up the intent from the deceased and transferring the message to the living person to whom the communication is directed.

This might be through the literal hearing of a voice with a message, or more commonly just from a psychic sense of the message coming through from the spirit of the physically deceased.

Some psychic mediums describe their gift as coming through as they enter into a trance-like state. Others might receive the gift of communicating with the deceased as the deceased takes on their form and communicates directly through the medium in a physical way. Still others describe being able to access information from the deceased through the senses of smell and taste.

No matter the manner in which the gift of communication is conveyed, it can be a powerful and even life-altering experience for the person on the receiving end of such messages from the afterlife or spiritual realm.

Perhaps you sense that someone you have lost is around you, or even trying to reach you at times, or you simply have a strong desire to connect with or receive answers from a cherished loved one, a family member, or a friend who has passed from this world into the next, no matter the circumstances, a psychic reading with a psychic medium may be a step toward making that desire a reality and achieving the peace of mind or closure you desire from your loss.